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From: "George W. Page" <>
Subject: Re: [Nixon] Y-Chromosome DNA testing of male NIXONs
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:34:39 -0400

The first male NIXON has signed-up to receive the subject Y-DNA Plus test
kit from FTDNA at their very reasonable rate of $171 for the NIXON Family
I have been designated the surrogate Group Administrator, pending a Nixon

If you are a male NIXON and want to be included and benefit from the NIXON
test results send me the following in an E-mail message:
Your full names;
Your postal address;
Your telephone number;
Your Nixon family history as far back as you know it.

Some of you may be female NIXON researchers who have a NIXON brother,
father, uncle, or male cousin willing to take the test. If so, please have
them contact me if they may be interested., or you may contact me on their

At 07:49 PM 6/29/2003 -0400, I wrote:
>I'm a recent returnee to this mailing list, so I hope I'm not being
>redundant as I pursue the ancestry of my George NIXON who m. Rebecca WOODS
>(probably in Northern Ireland) and immigrated to Hopewell Twp., in Bedford
>Co., PA, c. 1762 where he died with a will about 4 Feb. 1806.
>I am the project coordinator of the PAGE family male Y-Chromosome DNA
>testing done by Oxford Ancestors in England (ten DYS markers) as well as
>FTDNA (25 DYS markers) here in the States. See for example:
>The results of our testing of Y-Chromosome DNA, which is only passed down
>from father to son, has produced fingerprint markers for about 20
>different PAGE lines in America based upon testing 45-60 male PAGEs with
>either one or both of these DNA tests. Knowing these markers it is
>possible to assist tested PAGE family research determine their ancestry if
>a member of their line has a near match of markers, meaning they share a
>male PAGE ancestor somewhere back in time.
>I know of at least three NIXON lines that lived in western PA prior to the
>end of the 1800's, including my line and the line of Pres. Richard
>Milhouse Nixon (descended from James and Mary (Unk.) Nixon of Delaware in
>the 1700's through three George NIXONs. There is a good possibility that
>these three lines of NIXONs share a common male NIXON ancestor back in
>time, probably in Northern Ireland, and immigrated together to Delaware or
>NJ before moving on to PA. There is another line of a George NIXON who
>went to Loudoun Co., VA that ,ay also be related.
>I would like to hear from any male NIXONs who would be interested in
>taking the painless and non-intrusive Y-Chromosome DNA test at the
>reasonable group rater offered by FTDNA.
>Please contact me so that I can pass on the details of the testing program.
>George W. Page
>Bryans Road, MD 20616

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