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Subject: Re: [NJ-CENSUS-LOOKUP] Beulah Snyder, 1900 census - Camden, NJ
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 15:55:35 -0400
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Hello Karen,

Found this in HQ using the following ancestry index information...if this
isn't the correct listing please advise other details..If it's her, she has
a brother John plus a few more ....

Ancestry (entered 1-wd Camden in the location and Camden in the county and
the correct ward comes through.)

1900 United States Federal Census
Name: Beulah Snyder
Birth: abt 1886
Residence: 1900 - Camden Ward 6, Camden, New Jersey

HQ (The enumerator's codes were overwritten on Frank's name making is appear
to be Frankly)

SNYDER, FRANKLY (1900 U.S. Census)
Age: 26, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: NJ
Series: T623 Roll: 958 Page: 74

411 Pine Stret, dwelling 26, family 26, all and parents born NJ except where

Snyder, Frank, head, w, m, Mar 1874, 26, S,, Laborer, Day
Snyder, Howard, brother, w, m, July 1865, 34, M 12yrs, , Conductor
Snyder, William R., brother, w, m, Feb 1868, 32, Wd, (M8yrs), Scoffold
Worsley, Della E., S-in-law, w, f, July 1872, 27, M 6yrs, 2births/1living,
Snyder, Walter, brother, w, m, Dec 1878, 21, S, Laborer, Day
Snyder, Albert, brother, w,m Mar 1877, 23, S, Teamster
Snyder, John, brother, w, m, Mar 1881, 19, S, Laborer, Day
Snyder, David, brother, w, m, Aug 1883, 16, S, Errand Boy
Snyder, Beulah, sister, w, f, Nov 1885, 14, S, Lace Ironer
Worsley, William, B-in-law, w, m, Apr 1870, 30, M 6yrs, NJ ENG PA, Watchman
Worsley, Elmer, nephew, w, m, Aug 1896, 3, S,


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Subject: Re: [NJ-CENSUS-LOOKUP] Beulah Snyder, 1900 census - Camden, NJ

> Looking for Beulah Snyder in Camden, New Jersey, 1900 census. She
> would have been born about 1886. Have seen her listed in Ancestry, but
> cannot access the image. I can browse and search through the public
> library's Galileo system, but I don't know the ward or image page and
> Camden
> is so large! (Although I have done it in the past, it does takes a lot
> of time.)
> I do not have her parents names, but I believe she had a brother named
> John.
> Hope this is enough information for someone to help. Thank you very
> much for any assistance you can offer.
> Karen
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