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From: "David Tourison" <>
Subject: [NJ] New Jersey Wills, 1670-1750 - LIPPINCOTT
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 09:15:18 -0600

Paterson NJ, 1901
( Libers 1, 2, etc. are of West Jersey Wills. Those as Libers A, B, etc.,
are of East Jersey Wills)

LIPPINCOTT - beginning page 293:

1697 June 28. Lippincott, Abigail, of Shrewsberry, widow of Richard;
will of. Grandson John, son of John Lippincott, widow and children of son
Freedom except eldest son Samuel, granddaughters, children of daughter
Increas Dennes, viz: Abigail, Sibiah and Rachel Dennes, son-in-law Samuel
Dennes, son Restore, Remembrance and John Lippincott. Land in the new
purchase, called Pesequenokwe, in Shrewsbury. Personal property. Executors
John Hanc(e), William Worth and William Shattock. Witnesses George
Corleis, William Shattock, Ann Lippincott, Meargeat Lippincott. Proved
August 7, 1697. NJ Archives, Volume XXI, p. 270, and Monmouth Wills.
1697 Aug. 12. Inventory of the estate (25.0.0. real, 401.11.1,
personal incl. 3 negroes 90, bills and book accounts 85.5.11); made by
Thomas Huitt, George Corles, Thomas Cooke and Joseph Clarke. Monmouth

1697 June 15. Lippincott, Freedom, of Wellingburrow, Burlington Co.
Inventory of the estate of (188.15.6); made by Thomas Eves, John
Hollinshead junior, John Test and Henry Grubb.
1697 June 16. Bond of Restore Lippincott of Burlington Co., yeoman, as
administrator. Henry Grubb and Samuel Furnis fellow bondsmen. Burlington
Records, p. 28.

1690 ---------. Lippincott, Leppencott, Jacob, of Shrewsbury.
Administration on the estate of, granted to John Test and wife ------- of
Philadelphia. NJ Archives, XXI, p. 183.
1691-2 Feb. 1. Bond of John Test of Philadelphia as administrator of
the estate. Monmouth Wills.

1719-20 March 17. Lippincott, John, of Shorousbury, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife Janett. Children Preserve, John, Mary, Anne,
Margret, Deprero (? Deborah), son Roberts daughter; legacy to the Friends
Meeting in Shorosbury to be paid to John Woolley and John Tilton. Real and
personal estate. Executors sons John and Preserve. Witnesses John
Chambers, Joseph Parker, Nathaniel Parker. Proved May 26, 1720. Lib. A,
p. 184.

1719-20 Feb. 23. Lippincott, Remembrance, of Shrewserry, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife Margrett. Children Abigail Whight, Mary Morris, Ruth
Wooley, Sarah Williams, Elizabeth Parker, Richard, Joseph, William;
grandchildren Margritt Lippincott, Remembrance Lippincott. Home farm,
meadows called Pumking Island. Personal estate (a negro man). The wife
sole executrix. Witnesses John Curlies, Isaac Hanes, Thomas Lippincott.
Proof jurat, dated August 6, 1723, not [page 294] signed by Surrogate
Kearny. Lib. A, p. 254.

1683 Nov. 23. Lippincott, Richard, of Shrowesbery; will of. Wife
Abegall. Sons Jacob, Freedom, Remembrance, John, Restore, daughter
Incarnation (InCrease?). Land at Long Point. Personal property. The wife
executrix. Witnesses Hugh Dickman, Judah Allen. Acknowledged by testator
before Joseph Parker, Justice of the Peace, as his testament same day.
1683-4 Jan. 2. Warrant by Governor Thomas Rudyard to Joseph Parker,
John Hans and Eliakim Wardell or any two of them, to examine Abigail, the
widow of Richard Lippincott, as to her knowledge of any other last will,
made by her late husband. Endorsement, dated May 21, 1683, states that the
said Abigail has no knowledge of any other will and that she will faithfully
administer the estate.
1683-4 Jan. 2. Bond of Abigail Lippincott, widow, as administratrix.
William Shattock and Francis Borden fellow bondsmen. Monmouth Wills.
1684 May 21. Inventory of the personal estate (428.2.0, incl. debts
due 30 and neagro servants 60); made by Eliakim Wardell, William Shattock,
Francis Borden and Joseph Parker, as shown by the widow Abigail.

1723 July 10. Lippincott, Richard. Administration on the estate of,
granted to William Lippincott and John Williams of Monmouth Co., Jacob
Lippincott, the sone and heir of Richard, having made over his right to said
William and John. Lib. A, p. 252.

1721 Aug. 29. Lippincott, Samuel, of Northampton Township, Burlington
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Ann. Children Job, Samuel, Patience, Ann,
Elizabeth. Farm in Springfield Township, bot of George Shinn. Home farm.
Personal property (two Indians). Executors the wife and Nathaniel Cripps.
Witnesses Zachariah Test, John Gaskell, Tho: Scattergood. Proved
Octover 25, 1721.
1721 Oct. 16. Inventory of the personal estate, 408.13.10,
proclamation money, incl. two Indians 75; made by Henry Burr and John

The following names appear in the INDEX of this volume, the references being
as persons mentioned in wills, such as recipients, trustees, witnesses,
etc., but not wills of:

LIPPINCOTT - Abegall, Abigail, Ann, Anna, Anne, De prero (? Deborah),
Freedom, Jacob, James, Janett, Jewitt, Job, John, John junior, John senior,
Joseph, Margret, Margrett, Margritt, Martha Owens, Mary, Meargeat, Patience,
Preserve, Remembrance, Restore, Richard, Richd, Robert, Ruth, Sam., Samuel,
Sarah, Thomas, widow, William, Wm.
LIPPINGOTT - Freedom, Restore

Paterson NJ, 1918
( Libers 1, 2, etc. are of West Jersey Wills. Those as Libers A, B, etc.,
are of East Jersey Wills)

LIPPINCOTT, beginning on page 300:

1748, Aug. 28. Lippincott, Ann, of Northampton, Burlington Co., widow;
will of. Children Job, Samuel, Patience Folwell and Elizabeth Gaskill.
Daughter Ann Gaskill. Executors sons Job and Sampel. Real and
personal estate. Witnesses John Atkinson, Jonathan Jess, Tho. Shinn.
Proved Sept. 9, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 110.
[page 301] 1748, Sept. 8. Inventory of the personal estate, 341.7.4;
made by James Lippincott and Revell Elton. Includes bonds and notes due
from Edward Gaskill, Oddy Brock, Walter Herbert, James Southwick, Samuel
Cripps, Amos Shiver, John Brock, Joseph Gaskill, Edward Wever, Joseph
Ruchards, Jobe Lippincott, Joseph Shinn, James Shinn, Henry Reeves, Thomas
Kimbal, Jonathan Gaskill, John Powel, Josiah Southwick, Samuel Gaskill,
Thomas Foster, John West, John Fort, Jolive Evan.

1741, July 8. Lippincott, Daniel, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Genet. Only son, Preserve, under age. Daughters
Elizabeth, Andria and Ann. Land adjoining Abraham White: meadow on Long
Neck. Executors wife, uncle George Williams, and friend Joseph Parker.
Witnesses Abraham White, George Woolley, John Fisher, Jacob Dennis.
Proved Oct. 7, 1741. Lib. C, p. 446.

1743, 4th day, 4th mo. (June). Lippincott, Freedom, Junr., of Evesham,
Burlington Co., yeoman. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, 230.10.3;
made by Thomas Hooten and Daniel Bates.
1743, June 16. Administration granted to Hannah Lippincott, widow.
Samuel Lippincott and Thomas Wilkins, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 381.

1734, Aug. 4. Lippincott, Jacob, of Chester, Burlington Co., yeoman;
will of. Sons Richard, Thomas, Ezekiel and Jacob, all under age. Real
and personal estate. Wife, Mary, sole executrix. Witnesses John Means,
Robert French, Joseph Heritage. (Not proven)
Lib. 4, p. 243.
1740, June 21. Inventory of the personal estate, 161.11.2; made by
John Means and Joseph Heritage.

1745, May 27. Lippincott, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Sarah, plantation where testator lived, bounded by his
second son Jacobs land, during her life; then to son Jacob. Eldest son,
Thomas. Son, Jacob, land adjoining Peter White. Third son, Joseph. Fourth
son, John, plantation where said son lives at Norrawaticunk, for life, and
then to testators granson, John Lippincott, eldest son of John: entailed to
male heirs. Negro woman, Hester, to be free, and her five children to be
free when aged 35 years. Daughters Margaret, Mary, Faith, Deborah, Anne
and Sarah. Executors three eldest sons, Thomas, Jacob and Joseph.
Witnesses James Parker, Thomas Crafts, Anthony and Jacob Dennis. Proved
May 25, 1747. (James Parker, a Quaker). Thomas and Jacob Lippincott,
executors (Quakers), qualified same day. Lib. E, p. 206.
1747, May 11. Inventory of the estate (411.08.00) includes negroes
Ishamel, Primus, Hagar, Bess and Oliver, to serve 6, 11, 13, 17 and 19 years
respectively (time at 200). Made by Isaac Hance and Jacob Dennis.

1737, Sept. 9. Lippincott, Preserve, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Int.
Bond of Gabriel Stelle, of Perth Amboy, Esquire, as administrator. Andrew
Johnston, Esquire, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 175.

------, March 10. Lippincott, Restore, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
husbandman; will of. Wife, Martha. Grandson, Joseph Lippincott, my long
gun. Grandsons Restore Lippincott, Daniel and Jonathan Jess. Daughters
Rachel Dawson, Abigail (wife of James Shinn), Rebecca (wife of Josiah
Gaskill), and Elizabeth (widow of [page 302] George Shinn). Two old
negroes to have their freedom. 100 acres in New Hanover upon Racocers Creek
near James Shinns mill. Son, James, sole executor. Witnesses William
Parker, John Parson, Tho. Shinn. Proved Aug. 8, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 310.
1741, July 25.. Inventory of the personal estate, 154.18); made by
Benjamin Brian and John Butcher. Includes Bible and other books.

1747, Nov. 4. Lippincott, William, of Shrewsbury Township, Monmouth
Co., carpenter; will of. Wife, Esther, executrix. Brother, Wilbur
Lippincott. Witnesses John Morris and William Bills. Proved April 5,
1748. Monmouth Wills, --------.
1747, Nov. 19. Inventory of the estate (221.19.6 1-3) including riding
chair and harness. Made by Joseph Kelley and Abraham Tilton.

The following names appear in the INDEX of this volume, the references being
as persons mentioned in wills, such as recipients, trustees, witnesses,
etc., but not wills of:

LIPPINCOTT - Abel, Abigail, Andrea, Ann, Caleb, Daniel, David, Deborah,
Derious, Elizabeth, Esther, Ezekiel, Faith, Freedom, Genet, Hannah, Hope,
Isaac, Jacob, James, Job, John, Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Molly,
Preserve, Rebecca, Remembrance, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Solomon,
Thomas, Wilbur, William.

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