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Subject: [NJ] Extracts from Diary of Samuel MICKLE (1746~1830) ~ #8
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:31:12 EST

Extracts from Diary of Samuel MICKLE (1746~1830) ~ #8

January 8th ~ John STEPHENS deceased.

January 20th ~ Levi HOPPER and son Levi; Jos. WHITALL; Samuel MICKLE and wife
Sophia; and Benjamin LORD here by turn through ye day.

February 3rd ~ John Estaugh HOPKINS, born 5/5/1738 OS, deceased at

February 5th ~ Thomas REDMAN informed me he was 63 years old 12th month last.

February 19th ~ Went on horseback to John COLLINS at Woodland tenement.

February 20th ~ Blue birds and frogs singing. In ye 2d month 1779 the peach
trees were in bloom and my dear wife made peach blossom syrup some of which
remains yet in our house. Visited Daniel SMITH and his wife, mother-in-law

February 27th ~ Rebecca JONES returned from her ½ sisters' wedding.

March 14th ~ William MILLER and Hester COOPER married.

March 25th ~ Informed J. S. that I conclude to occupy my shop or store myself
with lumber, etc.

April 18th ~ Got four shad at Jno. WHITALL's fishery at Woodbury dam.

April 25 ~ Charles POTTS and Susan WOOD married at meeting to day. I read

April 29th ~ Went to Joshus HOWELL's to bespeak shad. On our way called to
see his mother, Frances HOWELL.

May 9th ~ This evening an appearance of a great fire in ye direction of

May 10th ~ Reported 21 houses burned on Dock Street last evening.

June 2nd ~ Late potatoes planting.

June 16th ~ An almost total eclipse of ye Sun between 9 and 11 a.m. Saw one

June 28th ~ Marked a number of my flour bags with oil and lamp black.

July 4th ~ At 7.45 a.m. arrived at Isaac KAY's mill about five miles distant
with wheat and corn.

July 11th ~ Heard of marriage of Humphrey OWEN, an old man of 76.

July 12th ~ Got early vegetables, potatoes, squashes, cucumbers and radishes
at Clement REEVES.

July 14th ~ Went money hunting and returned as empty as I set out.

July 21st ~ Samuel HAINES, tanner, died. He was the son of John HAINES,
deceased. Also informed Elijah COZENS buried yesterday.

August 1st ~ Preparing a permanent apple drying scaffold.

August 26th ~ Received an invitation to funeral of an ancient neighbor, Mary
TATUM, widow of Joseph TATUM, deceased. Said to have been 95 years old on
26th of 12th month last. Died near Philadelphia. Corpse brought over and
buried from home of Levi HOPPER, Sr. who married her daughter, Rachel, the
latter a school mate of mine.

August 31st ~ Went to Chestnut Ridge Friends Meeting.

September 12th ~ This day 61st year of my age commenced.

September 13th ~ Aaron H. MIDDLETON, deceased.

September 20th ~ Had eight barrels of cider made.

October 20th ~ Mary MICKLE, daughter of Joseph MICKLE, buried.

October 23rd ~ William SLOANE and Hannah CLEMENT married.

October 26th ~ Funeral of Samuel HAINES, son of Jacob and Elizabeth HAINES,
late our boy who left us and apprenticed to Samuel HAINES, tanner.

November 1st ~ Israel MORRIS, deceased lately in Philadelphia.

November 4th ~ Our neighbor John LAWRENCE (lawyer) deceased of consumption
this p.m. Received an invitation to funeral of Rebecca, wife of Charles
FRENCH, tomorrow in Philadelphia at 11 a.m.

November 5th ~ John LAWRENCE buried at Burlington.

November 13th ~ Cousin Paul COOPER and Hannah KNIGHT married.

November 14th ~ My beloved wife gave up women's quarterly meeting book of
minutes and book of discipline to wife of Cousin Jos. WHITALL who was
nominated as clerk to succeed. Till this time my house hath been entitled to
a book of discipline from 6th or 7th month 1789 a space of 17 years. She was
appointed Clerk 5 mo. 1798 acted eight years besides having been assistant

November 27th ~ Signed an order for schooling thirteen poor children.

December 10th ~ Keziah REEVES, widow of Thomas, and mother of Benjamin REEVES
is buried.

December 15th ~ Had our two hogs killed by Mark BROWN ~ weight: 428 pounds.

December 31st ~ Had poor Poncy (horse) shot ye p.m. in twenty-third year of
his age after having him nursed in vain.

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