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I have been a Cape May researcher for many years. I read the e-mail regarding
Ellis Hughes and have found a few things which I will pass along to all of
you. I hope this helps.

For information only: It was 300 miles from Yarmouth to Cape May, the whaling
industry is what brought New England emigrants. The first Village was called
Town Bank, or New England Village, as it was sometimes called. It was on the
shores of the Delaware Bay, 3 miles above the present Cape May, there were 13
houses there, and Joseph Whilldin and his wife lived in one of them.


Joseph Whilldin, of the Gabriel Whilldin family of Yarmouth, married Hannah
Gorham, daughter of John and grandaughter of the Pilgrim, John Howland. They
were in Cape May before 1690, having moved from Plymouth Colony to Cape May.

MATTHEW WHILLDIN, died intestate before 6 August 1751. There is no record of
his leaving issue.

JAMES WHILLDIN, mentioned as "The Honorable James Whilldin" married Jane
Hand. Their son, SETH WHILLDIN, born Cape May ca 1750, died 1778. Captain
Seth Whilldin was a Revolutionary soldier. He died before his father so is
not named in the Will; married Rebecca Goldin of Morris River, Cumberland
Co., NJ., had a daughter Ruth who died at age 14 and a son, SETH WHILLDIN Jr.,
born 1778, died 1803, (named in the Will of his Grandfather, James) married 12
May 1800, SARAH OLIVER, and had SETH WHILLDIN 3rd, born 1803.

HANNAH, WHILLDIN, born Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony 1683, died Cape May, 1728,
married Thomas Leaming, ancestor of the Leamings of Philadelphia. Children:
daughter, Mercy who married Samuel Eldredge, Esther married William
Eldredge, Jane married William Doubleday, Phebe married John Garlick,
Priscilla married John Stites, md. 2nd, Jacob Hughes, Christopher married
Deborah Hand (she married 2nd, Jacob Spicer), Thomas married Elizabeth

DAVID WHILLDIN, - Probably never married, Made his will 13 Feb. 1762, naming
brother James, sister Hannah Eldredge, sister Rachel Mills, nephew Matthew,
oldest son of brother James, and Seth, second son of brother James and ELLIS
Mills, both of whom were deceased.

MARY HUGHES was wife of URIAH and left three children, two of them are
mentioned in the Will of Joseph Willdin.

RACHEL WHILLDIN, married 1st, Richard Crawford had at least two children,
Issachar and Benjamin (named in Richard's Will) Rachel md. 2nd, Mr. Mills.
She is designated as Mills in the Will of David Whilldin. Her estate was
admitted to probate in 1796.

LOES WHILLDIN, born 1730, died 20 March 1756, buried at Cold Spring Cemetery,
md. first, Matthew Crowell who died intestate in 1751, no known issue. Loes
also married a Mr. Mills, and is so designated in the will of David Whilldin
who provided a stone for her grave. There was no issue from this marriage.


DAVID HUGHES, of Cape May, son of Ellis Hughes (born 1708, died 1752, Will
proved 4 Feb. 1752) and Hannah Whilldin, born 9 September 1749 died 23
November 1815, will proved 28th of same month and year. His wife Rachel Hand,
born 30 October 1756 died 13 December 1818, Date of their marriage 8 August
1778. They had 9 children. Children and Grandchildren named in the Will of
David Hughes: Aaron, James, Allen, Lemuel, Rachel, wife of Nathaniel Hand,
Sarah, wife of John Whitacker, Grandson Jeremiah Taylor Hughes, Grandaughters,
Rachel Hughes, Maria Hughes, Sarah Hughes, Daughter-in-law, Rhoda Hughes.

HANNAH HUGHES, daughter of ELLIS HUGHES, 2nd, (Revolutionary War Soldier) was
born Cape May, 23 September 1776, died between Dec. 4, 1855 and Feb. 21, 1856.
Hannah married DR. PHILIP FORD (b: Oct. 14, 1768) March 11, 1824, there were 6
known children by this marriage. She married 2nd, LOUIS CORSON, Sr., there was
no issue by this 2nd marriage. Hannah was the sister of THOMAS HURST HUGHES,
Cape May's first Congressman.

JESSE HUGHES, SR., was the son of ELLIS HUGHES and his wife HANNAH WHILLDIN.
Jesse was born, Cape May before 1745, died 1798, Will proved 17 November of
that year, married 14 June 1763, MARY HUGHES, there were 4 children by that
marriage: Jesse Whilldin Jr., born 1770, died Cape May 14 January 1845,
(married Hannah Edmunds 14 September 1796, married 2nd, Sarah Woolson, 8
February 1827) Mary Whilldin, Louisa Whilldin (married James Simpson), Vashti
Whilldin, married Samuel Hake.


Ellis Hughes married Mary Willdin, Oct. 2, 1761
Ellis Hughes married Eleanor Whilldin, September 21, 1768
Ellis Hughes married Judith Huyder, December 7, 1786
Ellis Hughes married Abigail Williams, December 7, 1795
Jesse Hughes married Mary Hughes, June 14, 1763
John Hughes married Martha Iszard, December 24, 1760
Memucan Hughes married Martha Hughes, March 4, 1761
Thomas Hughes married Lydia Page, December 3, 1788
James Hughes married Elizabeth Hocking, 25 October 1761
Humphrey Hughes married Esther Williams, March 9, 1800
Israel Hughes married Mary Eldredge, August 3, 1806
Jacob Hughes married Sophia Stillwell, July 28, 1800
Jesse Hughes, Jr., married Hannah Edmunds, September 14, 1796
Memucan Hughes married Rhoda Allen, May 22, 1799
Moses Hughes married Hannah Bancroft, January 12, 1812
William Hughes married Eliza Buck, November 28, 1807
Ellis Hughes, Jr., married Sarah Higgins, October 16, 1813 at Cold Spring
Presbyterian Church.
Ellis Hughes married Ann Teal, June 9, 1824
Caleb Hughes, son of William, of Philadelphia married Abigail Ellis, daughter
of Joseph, October 1757
Arron Hughes married Meribah Busby, December 27, 1816
David Hughes married Rachel Hand, August 8, 1778
Capt. Humphrey Hughes married Hetty Williams, daughter of Lieut. William and
his wife Abigail, March 9, 1800
Hannah Whilldin married Thomas Leaming, August 18, 1704
Daniel Whilldin married Jane Stillwell, March 7, 1802
James Whilldin married Martha Hand, July 29, 1802
Seth Whilldin married Sally Oliver, May 12, 1800
Matthew Whilldin married Ruhamah Stillwell, September 1, 1799
Hannah Whilldin married David Foster, June 19, 1798
Mary Whilldin married Josiah Crowell, December 17, 1708
Isaac Whilldin married Martha Hughes, Decembet 18,1846
James Whildin married Jane Iszard, July 20, 1761
James Whildin married Susannah Hand, January 13, 1766
James Whildin married Rhody Mulfordk December 8, 1774
Jonathan Whildin married Hannah Crowell, November 16, 1772
Matthew Whildin married Rhoda Stiles, December 8, 1768
Matthew Whildin married Phebe Hildreth, April 22, 1771
Wilmon Whildin married Eleanor Hurst, August 8, 1764

Hope this helps someone!


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