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Subject: Bartholomews in the American Revolution
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 07:20:55 EST

Since a brother-in-law of mine is a descendant of a long line of
Bartholomews (of 17th century Ipswich, MA, and later Branford, CT) and also since they
seem to be clearly related to Carolyn's Bartholomews, I continue to be
interested in her recent French & Bartholomew posts.

It looks to me highly unlikely that Carolyn doesn't have at least one
ancestor who served as a Patriot soldier in the American Revolution. Indeed, if
she is a descendant of Jacob Bartholomew (ca. 1768-1804) and his wife Elizabeth
French (ca. 1771-1859), I feel it now should be increasingly easy to
assemble proof that Carolyn is a DAR-eligible, even though I have very little info
(and limited interest) regarding DAR rules.

I say all this mostly because both Jacob's father John Bartholomew
(1744-1776), AFN:3TMS-C0, and John's father Abraham Bartholomew (ca. 1708-1777),
AFN:1DXL-07, appear to have served the Patriot cause in the American Revolution.
And below I've duplicated some documentation that Carolyn might need in
dealing with the DAR ...........John (in metro Chicago)

Subj: Re: [NJESSEX] French + Bartholomew- late 1700s
Date: 3/29/2006 9:40:24 A.M. CST

My THANKS to everyone that replied to my query.
What I was trying to do is find documented proof on births, deaths &
marriages for my DAR application.
I do have a copy of the book, Aaron French and his descendants......but, DAR
would not approve because they say it doesn't cite its sources.
I have about given up on finding all the proof I needed on my
French/Bartholomew line, so am pursuing another line-- Stockdale/Fell...
Again, MANY MANY THANKS to everyone who replied.

The info below has been abridged somewhat by me (JQM). I've also made a few


Ancestry of Bob + Mary Beth Wheeler
Entries: 81892 Updated: 2004-10-09 18:07:43 UTC (Sat)
Contact: Mary Beth Wheeler:

ID: I26093
Birth: 28 JUN 1708 in Branford, New Haven, CT (1)(2)(3) [numbers refers to
Wheeler notes below]
Death: 1777? (or bef. 9 APR 1778) in Farmington, now Burlington. Buried:
Bristol, Hartford Co., CT (4)
Note: Served for two years in the Revolutionary War, despite his advanced
age. Lived in Branford until 1754 when he removed to Farmington, CT. Some of the
land he purchased was in what later became Burlingham, CT. He kept the first
tavern and store in the area. He later resided on Peaceable St., near the
line between the present towns of Bristol & Burlingham.

Father: Isaac Bartholomew b: 1 NOV 1664 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Mother: Rebecca (Frisbie?) b: 14 NOV 1679 in Branford, New Haven, CT

Marriage 1 HANNAH PAGE b: 3 Jul 1713? in Branford, New Haven, CT
Married: 18 JUN 1730 in Branford, New Haven, CT (2)(5)

1. Hannah Bartholomew b: 9 MAY 1731 in Branford, CT
2. Abraham Bartholomew Jr b: 28 JAN 1732 in Branford, CT
3. Jacob Bartholomew b: 9 JAN 1736 in Branford, CT
4. Lydia Bartholomew b: 18 FEB 1738 in Branford, CT
5. Mary Bartholomew b: 19 JUL 1741 in Branford, CT
6. JOHN BARTHOLOMEW b: 15 APR 1744 in Branford, CT [see below]
7. Thankful Bartholomew b: 24 MAR 1745 in Branford, CT
8. Patience Bartholomew b: 19 MAY 1748 in Branford, CT

Marriage 2 DEBORAH ----
Married: bef. 25 OCT 1770 (4)

1. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," George Wells Bartholomew, Austin,
TX: privately published, 1885, pp. 71. Also: "Edward Frisbie of Branford,"
Nora G. Frisbie, 1984.
2. "Genealogical & Family History of the State of Connecticut," Vol. I,
William Richard Cutter, NY, 1911 (reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co.,
Inc., Baltimore, 1997), p. 300.
3. "Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy," Edward S. Frisbee, D.D., Rutland, VT:
Tuttle Company, 1926, p. 34.
4. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," p. 81.
Repository: www.Genealogy Library.com. Also:
5. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," p. 80.


ID: I38393
Name: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW [son of Abraham, 1708-1777? [see above]
Birth: 15 APR 1744 in Branford, New Haven, CT (1)(2)
Death: bef. 1 NOV 1776 in New York City harbor, onboard government
prison/hospital ship (3)
Note: John was a Revolutionary War soldier who died from wounds..

Father: Abraham Bartholomew b: 28 JUN 1708 in Branford, New Haven, CT
Mother: Hannah Page b: 3 JUL 1713? in Branford, New Haven, CT

Marriage: LUCY CARRINGTON, b. 22 Jan 1748?
Married: 24 DEC 1766 in Farmington, Hartford, CT (4)(5)

1. "Genealogical & Family History of the State of Connecticut," Vol. I, p.
2. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," p. 83.
3. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," p. 108.
4. "Church Records of Farmington, CT," NEHGS "Register," vol 39, p. 244.
5. "Record of the Bartholomew Family," p. 107

Finally more on JOHN BARTHOLOMEW (1744-1776) and his children. Below is a
summary by me (JQM) of pages 107, 108, 166, 167, 168 in:
"Record of the Bartholomew Family," George Wells Bartholomew, Austin, TX,
1885 (see above) via
http://content.ancestry.com/iexec/?dbid=1559. This thick Bartholomew
genealogy appears to be much superior to the thin 1910 Aaron French genealogy we
discussed before.

#34 JOHN BARTHOLOMEW (Abraham 4, Isaac 3, William 2, William 1), born 15
April 1744 in Branford, CT; m. 24 Dec 1766 LUCY CARRINGTON. Ten years later he
died as a Patriot soldier in a prison-hospital ship in New York Harbor.
Administration of John's estate was granted to his widow Lucy on 1 Nov 1776.
Lucy (oddly) later married a British soldier named John? Garrett.... Five
Bartholomew children:
1. JACOB (#96), b. abt. 1768, New Cambridge Parish (now Bristol), CT; he
later moved to PA; d. at Falls of Grace Creek [Green Co.?), PA. There he m.
Elizabeth French [b. abt 1771 at New Providence, NJ]. She later m. a Mr.
Thomas (one child David) and finally John Boldon (no children). She died (1859?)
in WV, about six miles west of Big Tree, Greene Co., PA. (Jacob & Elizabeth
had four children: John, Aaron, Elizabeth, Charlotte.)
2. JOHN (#97), b. Bristol, CT, m. Abigail Lucia Smith, who d. about 1835,
age 58. He m. again later. He moved in 1817 from Goshen, CT, to a 700-acre
farm in Hampden, Geauga Co, OH. He d. 4 Mar 1853, age 74 (six children).
3. DINAH, m. before 1805 Alexander Gillett of Goshen, CT.
4. EZEKIEL, lived in Bristol, CT, d. about 1 Feb 1805, wife was Grasy ---.
(probably no children).
5. JEDEDIAH (#98), b. Oct, 1776, Bristol; d. 1846 in Leroy, Lake , OH, age
70. His wife was Kate Russell, b. Mar 1771, Hartford, CT, and d. 1839 at
Mentor, OH Seven children.

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