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Subject: Re: [NJHUDSON] question re birth names
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Try to find their baptismal records. Their birth certificate names may be included as part of the baptsmal names (or not). Often babies weren't named immediately at birth, but given (christened) their names at their baptism. Perhaps the names on the BCs were just "place-holders" maybe even provided by the midwives.
My guess is that the baptismal records will better reflect the names they went by.

Lauren Maehrlein
Maehrlein's Heirlines

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Subject: [NJHUDSON] question re birth names

I've found that a number children in my grand mother's family have names on
heir birth certificates different from what they were known as. What I
- The family immigrated from Germany about 1880 and the children were born
n the late 1880s-1900.
Family was poor, Protestant, and didn't appear to belong to any particular
ocial or national groups.
A few of the children did keep the names on their birth certificates.
nly one was changed to reflect the name of a sibling who died.
They were delivered by different midwives.
All of the names were typical English names. 'Mary' on the certificate was
ctually known as 'Anna', 'Harry' was 'William', etc.
The changed names appeared even for babies and toddlers.
No middle names are given on the certificates.
Has anyone found this before? I'm familiar with folks using middle names
nd changing foreign names, but that doesn't appear to be the case here.
Luana Dinager Enders
orth Carolina

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