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From: William Henry Roll <>
Subject: [NJMIDDLE] Brecount and Ship Caledonia
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 05:09:21 -0700

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Surname: GASTON

My ancestor John Gaston and family sailed from Inverness, Scotland in 1715.
The family is said to have emigrated to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, the
Carolinas, Massachusetts, and Jew Jersey. I believe that he arrived in
New Jersey on the last voyage of the ship "Caledonia."

I am interested in all information about this ship and passengers on its
various voyages. I have been unable to find passenger lists for this ship.
Perhaps we could reconstruct lists from other sources.

Here are some notes and citations I have collected about the "Caledonia."

An interesting site, "End of Empire - Darien: Scotland's Pre-UK Colonial
Misadventure." can be found at http://www.macfarlane.org/darien.htm. The
ship "Caledonia" is mentioned.

Source: Mackenzie, George Nonbim. "Colonial Families of the United States
of America." Baltimore, Maryland: Seaforth Press, Genealogical Publishing
Co., 1912. Vol. III, pp. 175-176.
John Gaston emigrated from France to avoid religious persecution. He was
a Hugenot. He went to Scotland and then to Ireland to live with his sons
John, William, and Alexander. They sailed from Scotland with four other
families. The Gaston, Mount, Rue, Rew, and Davidson families sailed from
Inverness, Scotland on the ship "Caledonia," under the command of Captain
John Anderson in 1715.

Source: Bergen, Teunis G. The Bergen Family. Bergen & Tripp. New York.
1866. page 174.
The ancestor of Jonathan Combs, it is said, came from Scotland, in the
old ship Caledonia, which brought the first emigrants from the land of
stern Presbyterianism; they seeking a home in the wild conntry from the
intolerance of Papal and Episcopal power and persecution.

Source: Huidekoper, Frederick Louis. The American Ancestry of Frederic
Louis Huidekoper and Reginald Shippen Huidekoper. 1930. Reprint, Geneva,
Switzerland: Imprimerie Albert Kundig, 1931. pages 22-23.
7. James CHRISTIE, born in Scotland in 1670, presumably at St. Ninians,
Stirlingshire, on October 9, 1670; died at Schraalenburg (now Dumont),
Page 22
Page 23
Jersey, April 16, 1768; supposed to be the second son of John Christie
8 and Anna Ramsay, of Stirlingshire, and a member of the family of Christie--which
first appeared as a surname in northern Scotland in the 12th Century and
in the southeastern counties in the 15th Century--that acquired "the lands
and barony of Canglar, commonly called Charterhouse, in the parish of St.
Ninians"(*); joined the ill-fated Darien Expedition, organized by William
Patterson, the founder of the Bank of England, and sailed from Leith, Scotland,
in the Caledonia, for the Colony of New Caledonia, Isthmus of Darien, July
26, 1698; sailed from the Isthmus of Darien in the Caledonia, June 18,
1699, for New England, en route back to Scotland; arrived at New York,
August 3, 1699, and resolved to remain in the American colonies; settled
at Schraalenburgh (now Dumont), New Jersey; married at Hackensack, New
Jersey, September 18, 1703, Madeleine des Marets, 1684-1749 (vide des Marets
7, page 26).

Source: Lee, Francis Bazley, ed. Genealogical and Personal Memorial of
Mercer County New Jersey. Page 310.
(I) Alexander Laird, the pioneer ancestor of the Laird family in this country,
emigrated to America, making the voyage in the sailing vessel "Caledonia."
He came from the county of Fife in Scotland, and made his home in Englishtown,
Monmouth county, New Jersey, where all his descendants in a direct line
have been born. Among his children was a son, William.

William Henry Roll

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