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From: "Scott D. Peters" <>
Subject: Re: [NJMON] 7th Day Baptists Minutes Book
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:32:47 -0400
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To answer your first question: I can't help you with the Seventh Day Baptist
Records, but Richard Brandstetter of Tinton Falls has been doing a
considerable amount of work on the Seventh Day Baptists from New Jersey,
especially the Monmouth County region. I think this is his current e-mail
If not, this address should at least be able to get you in touch with him:
Brandstetter Photography
60 Branford Circle, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, 07724
Phone: 732-542-8779

As for the Friends,
You should only need to worry about which branch of the RSOF an individual
or meeting was affiliated with after 1828.
Prior to that, there was no split, and so the records would all be part of a
single monthly or quarterly meeting.
The main repository for the records for Philadelphia and New York Yearly
Meetings is mostly Swarthmore College:
while there are other records of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting at Haverford:
Swarthmore is associated with the Hicksite branch while Haverford remains
allied with the Orthodox Friends.

There are also some guides available to the records:
Monthly Meetings of North America: A Quaker Index, by Thomas Hill (1998),
provides a comprehensive index to the Quaker monthly meetings in North
America. Each entry contains information about the meeting's surviving
records and where they are located. Meetings are listed alphabetically by
name with cross-references for former or informal names. A geographical
index is located in the back.

Guide to the Records of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, compiled by Jack Eckert
(Philadelphia, PA: Records Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1989)
BX 7648 P54 A2 http://www.haverford.edu/library/special/yearlymeeting.html

Abstracts of the Records of Monthly Meetings of New York Yearly Meeting, by
James E. Hazard (Swarthmore, PA: Friends Historical Library, 2001)

And, of course, there is Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, by
William Wade Hinshaw (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing) . You are
mostly interested in Volumes 1 and 2 (I think).

Here's a good article on records of New York Yearly Meeting:

If you can get your hands on Hinshaw, you may find your questions answered.
If not, and your local FHL can't help, you may wish to contact Swarthmore
first and then Haverford at the links I provided above. Do not expect either
to do research for you, although they may be able to direct you more
precisely to the best sources.

Good Luck.


Scott D. Peters
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William Griffith, on behalf, and by order of the New-Jersey Society for
promoting the gradual Abolition
of Slavery, Twelfth Month (December) 20th, 1803
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Subject: [NJMON] 7th Day Baptists Minutes Book

> Does anyone know if a full transcription of the 7th Day Baptist Chruch
> Minutes book is available on FHL microfilm or otherwise?
> I have been reading the film of the book "A History of Seventh Day
> in West Virginia, Including the Woodbridgetown and Salemville Churches in
> Pennsylvania and the Shrewsbury Church in New Jersey." and need more
> information about a removal mentioned.
> 15 July 1774 Margaret Miller Baptized and Rec'd
> 26 AUG 1775 Margaret Miller Letter of Recommendation
> Trouble is for me, the book does not say where Margaret Miller went.
> I am searching Peter and Tacy Maxson-Miller and related family members.
> I am pretty sure Tacy Maxson, b. abt. June 1752 per Quaker death records
> Fayette County, PA, is the daughter of Mosher and Tacy ? - Maxson from the
> Shrewsbury area. Tacy Miller and Mary Maxson-Stanberry removed from from
> Rahway/Plainfield MM in 1790 to Westland MM in SW PA. Mary Maxson had
> previously removed from Shrewsbury MM to Rahway/Plainfield MM in early
> the same year their father died in Shrewsbury.
> Finally was the Shrewsbury Friends records recorded in the Hicksite or
> Orthodox Quaker records. There are two different FHL microfilms.
> Many thanks. Mike Miller

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