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Subject: [NOLF] Casper Nolf/George Nolf families
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 21:25:37 EDT

I was looking at possible duplicate individuals in my genealogy program
recently, and I came up with a strange pattern. Casper and Philapena
(Phoebe) Nolf had 18 children, and Casper's brother and his wife Susanna
Edelman had 12. Five of them match up exactly, with the same names and birth
dates, and some with death dates as well, plus two others have the same name,
and yet two more have the same name and similar birth dates. Is it possible
that somewhere along the way, the information got crossed? I am curious to
know if this is a strange coincidence, or if someone has any knowledge of who
these children actually belonged to. The matches are as follows:
Susanna b 1777
George b 1779
Elizabeth b 1781
Maria Barbara b 1783
Anna Maria b 1787
Other non-exact matches are :
Jacob b 1783-1785
Isaac b 1784-1789
All with surname Nolf/Nulph/Noleff/etc.
Any help would be appreciated.

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