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Subject: [Tele] Gjerpen Bygds Historie Norwegian bygdebok Telemark
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 09:44:47 EST

FYI - Currently listed on Ebay at $25.00: Gjerpen Bygds Historie Norwegian
bygdebok Telemark

Gjerpen Bygds Historie – Bygdehistorie bind II fra omkring 1700 til 1964, by
Terje Christensen, published 1978. This is volume 2 of the bygdebok from
Gjerpen in Telmark, Norway next to the port town of Skien (old Bratsberg Amt).
Gjerpen is now part of the Skien Kommune and its history is intertwined with
Skien and Porsgrunn, and nearby Solum (Siljan). This Norwegian book has 1,103
pages of history from this beautiful Norwegian valley where many immigrants came
from. There was even a Gjerpen Church in Wisconsin, named after many early
immigrants home sake. This richly illustrated book is full of old black and
white photos, a few color photos and lot of family and farm and local histories.
One chapter is on immigration to Wisconsin including photos of ships such as
‘Laurdahl” and ‘Salvator”, both of which had annual early immigrant
sailings from Skien and Porsgrun to Quebec and probably on into the Great Lakes. A
small Section outlines the Hans A. Gasmann family as Gasmann was a weathly farm
owner in the Gjerpen District, also a member of the early Norwegian
Parliament and a atypical immigrant. Gasmann was one of the earliest to leave Norway
for the US, departing in 1843 with his wife and 13 children on the bark ‘
Salvator’, a ship his brother was captain of. Gasmann and many other families
settled in Dodge County, Wisconsin near Pine Lake and help start the wave of
immigration by writing honest and open letters about conditions in America back to
the Norwegian newspapers who published them. Book also has sections on Henrik
Ibsen who grew up in Gjerpen in his teenage years. These sections go over how
a young Ibsen life was shaped and how he was likely influenced by schooling
and church figures of the time. Farms and family names include Fossum (Iron
works), Aarhus, Hyni, Foss, Sem, Limi, Lund, Sneltvedt, Bakke, Berg, Berberg,
Ballestad, Berberg, Falkum, Follestad, Frogner, Gulset, Grini, Gravli, Gulset,
Hoppestad, Jonnevald, Rising, Ronningen,

Ovrum, Venstop (Ibsen’s father’s farm now a museum. Families include Blom,
Lovenskiold, Meen, Moller, Rasmussen, Vendelbo, Gasmann, Cappelen. A GREAT
BOOK for anyone interested in genealogy of Telemark, Norway.

The book is heaving, with full leather back and glossy high quality pages. In
good shape, but it does look like back inside bind has had some repair but
all together strong and pages, front and leather spine near perfect condition

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