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From: "Eirik Helleve" <>
Subject: SV: May visit to Voss
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 23:04:54 +0200
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it is indeed brave to fly into Oslo and hop a train north, but if they are
aiming for Voss, they should, of course, find a train heading west ;-)

Train schedules here:

Various bus schedules here: (Only in Norwegian, but
not too hard to figure out. If you have problems, feel free to contact me
directly.) A rental car does, of course, give your cousin greater freedom of

Sandven hotell in Norheimsund ( is probably the
best option in the Norheimsund/Jondal area. My guess would be that they will
still find a room there – there will also probably be room for them at
Fleischer’s, but if that hotel is fully booked, there are numerous other
places to stay in Voss.


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Frå: Al Askevold [mailto:]
Send: 19. april 2006 20:42
Emne: May visit to Voss

Hi all,

First, thanks Eirik for the note on Rene's book. If any of you are thinking
of purchasing

this book from Texas let me know. If no one else is interested I might go
for this one and

this reminded me that I have to place an order for the translated copy by
Dr. Nuland.

Thanks to Jean Marthaler who emailed me about someone who wrote in Svein
Ulvund's guest book

I now am in contact with a new found Voss cousin Judy Saxby from California.
Judy and her

husband David will be visiting Norway for the first time this May! They
will spend the 17th

in Oslo and should be in Voss on the 19th of May. Judy is a close cousin
from the

Schlanbusch line of Voss. With the good help of Viggo Fosse of Bergen Judy
will see some

Jondal family and farms. Judy and David are traveling on their own using

transportation, train and bus, and booking hotels as they make plans. So far
plans for Voss

have not been made and I have a few questions some of you might be able to
help with.

First, at such a short notice how hard will it be to get a hotel room in
Voss the week of

the 17th or south in the area of Norheimsund/Jondal? For Voss they are
thinking about the

Fleischer's but no plans have been set at this time.

Is there a website for the train/bus routs and times from Voss? I have
looked but could not

find one. It looks like they might head south from Voss on the 20th or 21st
along the

Hardangerfjorden to the Jondal area. This trip could be by bus but would a
car rental from

Voss be a better idea?

My cousin does not know any Norwegian, written or spoken or much about the
Voss area. I have

tried to help with this. She will have a great visit I am sure and some
pretty brave

travelers to make a trip like this, fly into Oslo and hop a train north to
parts unknown.


Al Askevold


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