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From: "Vivian Gullickson White" <>
Subject: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Peter Sampson Een - error in Rene book?
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 09:25:50 -0800

Hi Everyone,

The Voss list has been very quiet so I thought I'd wake it up ;o)

I have found what I believe to be an error on pg. 384 of the Rene book. It states

"Peder Samsonson Een, born on the farm, Een, Voss, son of Samson Pederson Een and wife Herborg Olsdatter Saude. He married at Voss with Sigrid Getlesdatter Nordheim."

Naeseth's Norwegian Immigrants to America, Vol. 4, pg 22 indicated that Peder's mother was Britha Nielsdatter. I found Peders baptism record which shows that his mother was Brita

I also had information that Peder had a sister Ragnilde that was born in 1812 (A Biography with Portraties of Prominent Men of the Great West, pg 14). Back to the Church Records and I find Ragnilde's baptism record with Brita again shown as mother. (last record on page)

So now the question is who was Herborg and who was she married to?

There is a Herbor Olsdtr. Gjerager that emigrated in 1844 (NIA, Vo 2, pg 46) or here

This is the only Herborg that I have been able to find and it doesn't connect with the Saude name.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?


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