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From: "Jean Marthaler" <>
Subject: Re: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Peter Sampson Een - error in Rene book?
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 12:33:49 -0600

Hi, the Herborg Olsdatter Gjerdager shown in the Volume 2 Naeseth book on
page 46 is not the one connected to the Een family. Below is the Herborg
who I believe to be the correct one. In the 1825 marriage record shown
below for Samson Pederson and Herberg Olsdatter Saue she is listed as 32
years old. This would make her born in about 1793. Here she is living on
Soue (Saue) with her parents in the 1801 census.

Sampson Pederson was married twice, first to Brita Nilsdatter Saue and then
to Herborg Olsdatter Saue. Here are who I believe to be both the wives in
the 1801 census living on the same farm with their parents.

1801-telling for 1235 Voss

County district Parish Local parish Farm

62 Søndre Bergenhuus Voss Wangs Hoved Soue

Given name Last name Household pos. Age Marital status Occupation Sex

1206 Niels Erichsen Husbonde 48 Gift 1ste gang Bonde og gaardbeboer M

1207 Anna Brynjelsdtr Hans kone 42 Gift 1ste gang K

1208 Erich Nielsen Hans søn 19 Ugift Hos forældrene M

1209 Brynjel Nielsen Hans søn 11 Hos forældrene M

1210 Ole Nielsen Hans søn 7 Hos forældrene M

1211 Angunna Nielsdtr Hans datter 23 Ugift Hos forældrene K

1212 Brita Nielsdtr Hans datter 15 Ugift Hos forældrene K

1213 Kari Nielsdtr Hans datter 4 Hos forældrene K

1214 Tormod Abrahamsen Husmand

1227 Ole Iversen Husbonde 41 Gift 1ste gang Bonde og gaardbeboer M

1228 Ingebiør Larsdtr Hans kone 39 Gift 1ste gang K

1229 Iver Olsen Hans søn 3 Hos forældrene M

1230 Marita Olsdtr Hans datter 12 Hos forældrene K

1231 Kristie Olsdtr Hans datter 10 Hos forældrene K

1232 Herbor Olsdtr Hans datter 8 Hos forældrene K

1233 Anna Olsdtr Hans datter 6 Hos forældrene K

1234 Eli Larsdtr Hans tjeneste pige 23 Ugift I aars tjeneste K

1235 Ole Larsen Inderste 35 Ugift Daglønner M

Entry number 54 is the marriage of Samson Pederson Een and Herborg Olsdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Voss, Ministerialbok nr. A 12
(1823-1837), Ekteviede 1825, side 281.
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Male Family



Spouse: HERBOR OLSDR Family

Marriage: 18 OCT 1825 Voss, Hordaland, Norway


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M423315 1823 - 1836 0124788

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