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Subject: Re: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Peter Sampson Een - error in Rene book?
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 12:52:31 -0600
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Viv, hi, at least we can say the Rene was 1/2 correct. One thing to keep in
mind with the Saude name when you see it. There are several Saude farms in
the Voss area. The one I am usually related to is the one down by the
Mosafinn farm across from Bulken and the other is over in the area called
Borstrandi which is a little ways out of Voss on the road that you would
take if you were going to go to Vinje.

I had a number of these people in my database and I just went in now and
added the 1801 census records for Brita and her family and for Herborg and
her family. I had them in but not the censuses etc. I added a few more
people and connected a few of the dots as the saying goes.
So you also helped me with this query. I also consolidated the info and
put a page in my Rene book to mark it for this error.

How much fun we keep on having!!!!!! JEAN

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Subject: Re: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Peter Sampson Een - error in Rene book?

Hi Jean,

Thanks for clearing this up. I didn't think that the Herborg shown on page
46 was the correct one.

I guess this does certainly confirm that Rene was only "half" correct in
indicating that Herborg was Peter's mother. In fact she was his stepmother.

You as always are brilliant!


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