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From: "Jean Marthaler" <>
Subject: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Norheim
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 22:13:22 -0600

Robert, Welcome to the Vosselag List and might I say welcome to you from all
the various cousins you have on the list. Yes you are related to most of us
from the relationship checking that I just did. This is kind of a rambling
answer but hopefully it will answer some of your questions and it will very
likely pose a few more for you.

I am going to try and answer this the best I can, anyone can correct me if
they don’t agree with this. I do NOT find Knute Larsson Rokne (the Coach)
related to your Knut Rokne (the father of Per Knutson Store Ringheim). He
may be but with the connections I have at this point in my data base he is
not. You are however related distantly to Knut Rokne thru the wife of Per
Knutson Store Ringheim.

In looking at my files I find it like this:

These are the parents working downward in each generation to connect to this
Victor Norheim. Victor is the closest way that I know to get to you. In
doing various relationship calculations to Victor Nordheim and Coach Knute
Larsson Rokne I find that Victor and the coach are 4th cousins once removed
thru one of the lines somewhere.

To see how you were connected to Per Knutson Store Rokne I did a
relationship calculation and then worked things back to see how the
connection fit and this is what I find with what I have entered in my
database, Per Knutson Store Ringheim’s wife Marta Larsdatter Glimme is a 3rd
cousin 6 times removed from Coach Rokne.

Per Knutson Store Ringheim married Marta Larsdatter Glimme great
great great great grandparents

Ragnild Persdatter Glimme married to Anders Knutson Indre Ringheim great
great great grandparents

Ingebjørg Andersdatter Indre Ringheim married to Aslak Olavson Flatekvål
great great grandparents

Olav Aslakson Flatekvål married to Ingjerd Oddsdatter Sonve great

Odd Olavson Flatekvål married to Ingebjørg Nilsdatter Dolve

Ingjerd Oddsdatter Fletre married to Viking Brynjulvson Norheim parents

Victor Nordheim Child

Also if it helps you, I did a kinship report between Victor Nordheim and
Coach Knute Larsson Rokne and with what is in my files I find them related
in these ways.

4th cousin once removed

5th cousin

5th cousin once removed

½ 6th cousin

6th cousin twice removed

9th cousin

I am not sure if you descend from Victor or from a sibling of his but this
hopefully will give you a few answers or it might even make more questions
for you. At this point I am not going to take the time to figure out
exactly how all these connections come about. I do have some Dale’s in my
database. If you tell me who your wife’s brother-in-law’s Dale farm people
are I can see if they are in my database. Also it would be nice to know
your family members names that connect to Viking Brynjulvson Norheim and his
wife Ingjerd.

Thank you,


St. Joseph, Minnesota

I'm Robert Norheim. My great grandparents are Wiking Brynjulvson Nordheim

(1857-1939) and Inger Oddsdatter Fletre (1865-1945), both from Voss but
married after they both came to Chicago. The Nordheim (Norheim, Nordhem)
surname was mentioned in the Per Sampson Een email the other day, as he
married Sigrid Gitlesdatter, sister to my great-great grandfather Brynjulv
Gitleson (1819-1908).

One question that you on the list may be able to help me on. It turns out
that my wife's brother-in-law is from the Dale farm in Ulvik. They know
(but they haven't gotten the actual lines to me) that they are related to
the famous Knute Rockne. I know that, in my Fletre line, I am related to a
Knut Rokne (I don't have dates on him but his son Per Knutson (Store)
Ringheim was born in 1698). I know that there are multiple Rokne farms and
I am wondering if anyone can tell me whether the Knut Rokne in my background
is actually related to the football coach. If so, I will pursue it further
with my brother-in-law's family to get their genealogy to connect the dots
between him and me.

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