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From: "Jean Marthaler" <>
Subject: [NOR-VOSSELAG] Norheim -- Heggebo -- Ølen, Hordaland
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 15:23:45 -0500

Bill and lister, hi, I wanted to see what info there might be on this family
which I don’t find connected into Voss until the marriage of Sjur Styrkson
Reque. In the research I have posted below I find that the Norheim and
Heggebo farms here are very likely in the Ølen, Hordaland area. I wish I
still had the bygdebok for this area to look at but I let a person have it
who had ancestry from it which I didn’t.

I thought I would put this additional information on the list for reference
to anyone who might be able to help with further research for Bill. Such as
someone who might have the Ølen bygdebok.


1 Brita Torbjornsdatter NORHEIM b: Abt 1669

+ Paul Nilsson HEGGEBO b: 1669 d: 1714

2 Brita Paulsdatter HEGGEBO b: 1709

+ Jacob Rassmusson Laerdal STRAND b: 1699

3 Rasmus Jacobson STRAND b: 1732 d: 1809

+ Lizbeth Torrisdatter RONDE-STRAND b: 1735 d: Aft 1775

4 Anders Rassmusson Strand KVELVE b: 1768 d: 1820

+ Marta Olsdatter SONDERNAA b: 1776

5 Bjorn Ege Kvelve ANDERSON b: 3 Jun 1801 d: 8 Aug 1980

+ Abel Catherine VON_KROGH b: 8 Oct 1809 d: 31 Oct 1885

Cecelia Anderson

+Sjur Styrkson Reque

This is the HUSBAND of BRITA TORBJORNSDATTER in the 1701 records from

This is the entry number 13334 below Povel Nilsen age 32 on Heggebøe.
Notice all the Nereim/Norheim farms shown below this. I would assume that
this Brita Torbjornsdatter came from one of those Nereim farms. Again this
is only an assumption.

>From what I can tell these farms of Heggebo and Norheim are in the area of
Ølen on my Kartbok map pages 24 and 29.

Manntal 1701 for Søndre Bergenhus amt

Name Farm Age Position Residence Remarks Local parish

13329 Gunder Halversen Søre Stume 37 ops Soldat i Ryfylche sielv Eier
for ngd Fieldberg

13330 Erich Nilsen* Søre Stume 2 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13331 Olle Trondsen Søre Stume 14 tjener Fieldberg

13332 Tørres Olsen Nore Stuma 42 ops Fieldberg

13333 Nils Nilsen Heggebøe 84 ops sielv Eier Fieldberg

13334 Povel Nilsen* Heggebøe 32 sønn Soldat ved Bergenhuus Reg., hieme

13335 Olle Nielsen St.Nereim 50 ops sielv Eier for ngd Fieldberg

13336 Jacob Osmundsen St.Nereim 40 ops sielv Eier for ngd Fieldberg

13337 Nils Olsen* St.Nereim 20 sønn Soldat ved Bergenhuus, hieme

13338 Helie Olsen* St.Nereim 13 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13339 Nils Olsen* St.Nereim 9 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13340 Evind Olsen* St.Nereim 20 sønn af Reist, hvorhen vides iche

13341 Jon Jacobsen* St.Nereim 10 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13342 Omund Jacobsen* St.Nereim 4 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13343 Giæst Jacobsen* St.Nereim 1 sønn hieme Fieldberg

13344 Enchen Lille Nereim ops Fieldberg

13345 Tørres Osmundsen Lille Nereim 40 tjener Fieldberg

13346 Knud Svendsen Lille Nereim 10 tjener Fieldberg

This is farther down in the lineage on the family shown above:

1801-telling for 1157 Vigedal THIS IS IN ROGALAND

Amt Prestegjeld Sokn Gard

39 Stavanger Vigedal Sandeyd Strand

Førenamn Etternamn Hushaldstill. Alder Sivilstand Yrke Kjønn

587 Jacob Rasmussen Huusbonde 44 Begge i 1ste ægteskab Gaardbruger M

588 Anna Andersdtr Hans kone 21 Begge i 1ste ægteskab K

589 Rasmus Rasmussen Tienestefolk 25 Ugift M

590 Tollef Tørressen Tienestefolk 21 M

591 Osmund Jensen Tienestefolk 12 M

592 Karen Anfindsdtr Tienestefolk 21 K

593 Sophie Truelsdtr Tienestefolk 26 K

594 Rasmus Jacobsen Mand, husbondens forældre 69 Begge i 1ste ægteskab
Føde af gaarden M

595 Lisbeth Tørresdtr Hans kone , husbondens forældre 67 Begge i 1ste
ægteskab K

596 Poul Rasmussen Deres søn 30 Ugift Daglønner M

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