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From: Larry Kuttner <>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 21:18:21 -0800

At 04:34 PM 11/8/97 -0500, wrote:
> I may be talking to an empty room. If so, please humor me. But I'll bet
>some NORCALS and SOCALS, though experienced researchers, are new to a
>computer and this online genealogy search.
> Yesterday, without question, I became the uncowned KING of ERRORS in the
>transmission of e-mail. Although I have been averaging 2 or 3 blown messages
>each week, I out did myself yesterday with six(6) returns. Enough is enough.
>And I want to abdicate.
> After some study, I think(hope?) I have figured out some of my repetitive
>mistakes and I would like to share them. Since you may want to avoid having
>this dubious mantle thrust upon you, here they are:
> (l) The number <1>, the small letter <l>, and the capital <I> evidently
>are not the same and are not interchangeable in screen addresses and URLs.
>But in my defense, they are identical on my old typewriter.
> (2) Carefully, carefully watch the word dividers such as a period,
>colon, hyphen, underline, number sign, slash, back slash,etc - this machine
>is unforgiving.
> (3) A hyphen <-> and an underline <_> are not interchangeable.
> (4) This is a slash </>; this is a backslash<\>; and this is a little
> (5) When the addresss shows a period <.> - a comma <,>will not do.
> (6) AOLers - If you miss-type a screen name in your AOL Address Book,
>do not merely type a partial correction. Delete all of it and start over. If
>you don't, you could get an echo address. Listmom patiently let me
>unknowingly do this for a couple of weeks.
> (6) By the way, as someone wrote when I first subscribed, whatever
>happened to the cents sign for a computer keyboard?
> Confession is good for the soul. I feel better even though I know that
>these aren't my only mistakes. If I have drawn any wrong conclusions, PLEASE,
>PLEASE let me know.
> AND if any old pro sneaked a reading, just remember you had to start too.
> Thanks for your patience,
>Bob Norris in Dallas

Bob: In case you didn't realize it, when you push a key, a coded entry for
the designated key is sent to the computer. If I remember correctly it's a
number code that says either a lower case item or an upper case item
depending on whether you capitalize or don;t. Therefore a 1 and a small l
are NOT the same even though they were on most older typewriters or us old
fashioned typists used one as the other. Another example is that the number
0 (zero) and the letter o/O are NOT the same.

I think that part of the reason for this problem is that a typewriter only
typed figures. A computer not only types, but does mathematical functions.
Obviously using a small L for a 1 in a mathematical computation would be

I believe that most computers can produce the cents sign, but it has to be
done as a special input using a graphic's program and just isn't worth the
trouble. I think it used to be a CAPITAL 6 which is now ^.

One advantage of a computer is that you can program the keyboard to another
type of layout, not QWERTY, by changing it's program and moving the key kaps
to new locations.

You win some and lose some. Your message is well thought out and really
important since one has to be very careful to copy an e-mail or website
address EXACTLY as it is. The computer has absolutely no forgiveness!

Regards and good luck,

Lawrence E. (Larry) Kuttner (of Oregon)

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