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From: Su Jacobsen <>
Subject: Re: SF Hospitals, Asylums, Homes, after Quake
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 03:50:37 -0800

At 12:13 AM 3/12/98 EST, you wrote:
Su....tell us you weren't born during that time
>frame...your note might mislead some of us to wonder how you can have
>such an amazing level of energy ... for someone born in 1909
Ahhh, but I'm as timeless as a sprung Ingersoll.

..... my
>(inevitable) question came up as I tried to reconcile the number of hospitals
>available withthe earlier statement about hospitals only being used for
>serious sickness/....I'm guessing they were pretty small hospitals?
Sometimes a hospital or sanatorium was set up in a private residence; either
a large home or occasionally, a multiple family dwelling that was converted.
Old office buildings, light industrial structured - anything would do. Some
sanatorium were converted country farms or estates.

No matter...tis a refreshing (poor choice of's late) peek at that
It's the pause that refreshes (3:49am)


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