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From: George and Nan Wolf <>
Subject: Re: Frederick NOONAN with Amelia EARHARDT in 1937?
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 17:52:15 -0500

Re: Frederick Noonan

If his wife's name was Passadori, then the name of the town would likely be
Atwater, Merced Co. CA. Passadori's store was THE store when my mom and
her sisters were growing up and still an important family in the 50s when I
lived nearby in Winton, CA. I bet there are still Passadori names listed
in the local phone book.
After reading the message about Mary Passadori, the supposed wife of
Frederick Noonan, navigator for Amelia Earhart, I immediately phoned my
elderly aunt to see if the entire town of Atwater was set on its ear when
the famous aviatrix disappeared. But, she is evidently out gallivanting
somewhere. So, if I forget about this, give me a buzz and I'll keep trying
to reach her.
There was a Fred or Tommy Noonan, an actor over the past thirty years
that was featured in many comedies as a second banana. I wonder if he is
part of the same family.
Another idea. This past year, a woman flyer flew the same route in the
same type plane. I believe that she started from Oakland. Our local CA
news stations featured the flight. There was probably a homepage for the
flight so people could follow her travels around the world. (I know they
did this with the recent balloon attempts to circle the world) The page
may now be defunct - but it is worth a try. Yahoo should find it. Most
homepages have an email address for sending queries. You could possibly be
able to contact the woman who performed the flight as she must have done
lots of research before she ever left the ground.
I have a 1994 Prophone CD and there are four Passadori names listed
for Atwater and one for the neighboring town of Merced. I'll send them to
you if you wish.

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