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Subject: 1920 Burney township Shasta census
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 16:07:56 -0800

I will be posting the index for the Burney Township of the 1920 Shasta Co.,
CA census. the full census for this township is now on my Shasta site. But
I decided to post the index so it would be in the Archives. Some of this
one was very hard to read, so if you see an name that should be something
else by all means please let me know.

Jack, Alda {Bur} 76
Jack, Captain {Bur} 76
Jack, Etta {Bur} 76
Jack, Lily {Bur} 76
Jack, Wain {Bur} 76
Jenkins, Bessie C. {Bur} 71
Jenkins, Edward {Bur} 71
Jenkins, Etta M. {Bur} 71
Joerger, Beth M. {Bur} 80
Joerger, Louis P. {Bur} 80
Johnson, Charles S. {Bur} 79
Johnson, Victor {Bur} 67
Johnston, Francis {Bur} 68
Johnston, Rose J. {Bur} 68
Johnston, Wilmeth M. {Bur} 71
Karpe, Clara B. {Bur} 80
Karpe, Elsie {Bur} 80
Karpe, Martin {Bur} 80
Kerns, Benjamin {Bur} 75
Kerns, Ethel {Bur} 75
Kerns, John C. {Bur} 75
Kerns, John S. {Bur} 75
Kinner, Charles A. {Bur} 69
Kinner, Elmer L. {Bur} 68
Kinner, John A. {Bur} 68
Kirk, Amanda J. {Bur} 70
Kirk, Aurelius M. {Bur} 70
Kirk, Bertha A. {Bur} 70
Kirk, Mary A. {Bur} 79
Lakey, Agnes A. {Bur} 72
Lakey, Asa L. {Bur} 72
Lakey, Dorothy A. {Bur} 72
Lakey, Ruffus J. {Bur} 72
Levins, George W. {Bur} 71
Lewis, Mattie E. {Bur} 69
Lewis, Melvin A. {Bur} 69
Lewis, Melvin A. {Bur} 69
Lofton, Clarence E. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Martha E. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Mary C. {Bur} 67
Lofton, Mary E. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Mildred S. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Nellie M. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Paul D. {Bur} 66
Lofton, Paul D. {Bur} 66
Lofton, William S. {Bur} 67
Logan, Josephine {Bur} 67
Logan, Mason {Bur} 67
Lombardi, Joseph {Bur} 74
Lombardi, Joseph A. {Bur} 74
Lombardi, Madeline {Bur} 74
Lombardi,Vincent {Bur} 74
Long, Carson J. {Bur} 77
Long, Dozier {Bur} 77
Long, Eda V. {Bur} 77
Long, Lillie A. {Bur} 77
Long, Melva V. {Bur} 77
Long, Merle M. {Bur} 77
Long, Rowland {Bur} 77
Long, Tillie V. {Bur} 77
Lonquist, Dorothy F. {Bur} 78
Lonquist, Elba H. {Bur} 77
Lonquist, Elma H. {Bur} 78
Lonquist, Fritz H. {Bur} 78
Lonquist, Harry A. {Bur} 77
Lonquist, Henry {Bur} 78
Lonquist, Inez S. {Bur} 77
Lonquist, Lucy S. {Bur} 77
Lonquist, Mattie S. {Bur} 78
Lonquist, May {Bur} 78
Low, Ada {Bur} 73
Low, Hastings {Bur} 73
Low, Melva {Bur} 73


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