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From: Rich Hansen <>
Subject: Re: Bridges on San Francisco Bay
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:25:11 -0700
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S.PL-Southard wrote on 6/24/02 6:55 AM

> Thank you for responding to my question about Old Hwy 99, which is basically
> now Interstate 5. I was told by a man in his eightie's, that drove a model
> Ford car from Redding, on up through Washington State, that Highway 99 was a
> dirt road. And, before that you had to take Coastal Hwy 1 to go over the
> mountains. Correct me if this is wrong.

The question here is What mountains. Hwy 1 never went to the
California/Oregon border as far as I can remember. Highway 101 did, but even
there the bit between Trinidad and Crescent City was the last bit to open. I
remember my mother telling me that she and her sister went on that last bit
around 1926 or maybe later just after it opened. I don't know about Highway
101 in Oregon but I suspect that it was probably there before that last
coastal section in California.

On the other hand the road from Crescent City to Grants Pass (and
Jacksonville) was there in one form or another since 1860 and this is how
people came overland to Crescent City either that or over the hill to Happy
Camp and down the river.

Intellectuals study things that other people
do normally" - Bill Cosby

Rich Hansen

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