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From: "Phil Van Camp" <>
Subject: RE: Highway route #'s
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:10:41 -0700
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There is a Federal guideline for the interstate highway system.
But there are always exceptions when something just won't work.
& of course there are state highways with their own #'s. If you look on a
road map, or signs along the road you will see a difference in the shield
design for state vs. federal.
I think it's mostly North / South odd #'s , East / West are mostly even
Two digit #;s are for primary (mostly interstate) routes. Three digits, are
for fwys that connect two fwys, or go around metro areas. Thus in San
Diego, the fwy that connects the I-5 with the I-8 is the I-805. & a bit
north of that (Riverside / San Bernardino counties) when Cal-Trans build a
route to avoid incomplete sections of the I-15, they ended up labeling it
the I-215.

Remember that the "Official direction" of a route can be unrelated to what
your compass may say. It is based on the general route, form a starting
point to the ending point. Thus in Orange county, you can be driving due
west on the north bound I-405 & be blinded by the setting sun.
In San Bernardino, SR-30 goes straight north from the I-10, then straight
east to the I-215, & there is a 259 that I think is an SR, but it is so
short it doesn't even have a sign. You can identify it by the numbers on 3
or 4 emergency call boxes.

To borrow an example from your msg below, California's SR-1 is a state route
that long predates any of this. You can check with the auto club, but I
think the number was some sort of vanity or tourism promotion gimmick.
While the 101 is a federal route.

& then there are county highways, & USDA forestry roads of which I can only
say, "I ain't going there." I had to report a crash on one of them once
where I could only locate it as " ____ miles east of (a county road) at the
____ foot level." you can bet they sent me back to do that over again.


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Subject: Re: I-5 and the old 99

Phil correct me,but Caltrans the State Hwy Dept. started naming hwys West to
East with uneven #'s and North to South with even #'s,now here is where it
gets tricky,I think the Namer drank a lot,Hwy #1 then #101,hwy #20-30,40[now
80],then 50,88,4.108,120,140 etc.
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