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Subject: The Winters Express July 18, 1891
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 15:32:13 -0700

The Winters Express
Saturday July 18, 1891
Edwin Rust, Publisher

GRUTCHER - In Woodland, July 15, 1891, to the wife of J.G. Crutcher, a

The Napa Register says that Frank W. Eastman and Miss Mattie Bottorff were
married in Spokane Falls, July 6th. They are now in Marysville, Mrs.
Eastman's old home
Theodore Ficher's youngest child was caught in the machinery of his horse
power pump, while it was being worked, one day last week, and was severely,
but not dangerously injured.
May Wolfe, we believe, is champion fruit cutter to date, she having cut
1300 pounds of fruit on Tuesday last, for which she received 25 cents per
100 pounds. She was working for A.B. Ish.
George Sims' little daughter Alma, fell off her father's wagon on Saturday
last, one of the wheels passing over, and breaking a rib. The little girl
was not hurt otherwise.
Bert Ireland had his right hand badly hurt yesterday by getting it caught
in the pump engine at F.J. Bonney's place. The hand was badly bruised and
burnt by the friction of the belt, but fortunately no bones were broken.
Mrs. Hall and daughter of Madison, while coming to town last Saturday, were
thrown out of their buggy by the horse they were driving getting frightened
at a cow on the roadside. The ladies were not hurt, but the buggy was
badly broken.
Charley Bentley came near meeting his death last Tuesday. He is working
with J.H. Wilgus' threshing machine, and in some way was caught in the
knuckle of a tumbling rod which was making over 400 revolutions a minute.
His clothes were torn off from the waist up in a twinkling, almost of we
would have been killed. It was a very narrow escape and Charley has cause
for congratulation that it was no worse.

Real Estate Transfers
Weekly report especially prepared for the Express by the Abstract Office of
N.A. Hawkies Woodland:
Mary A. Bottorff to W.J. Cannedy - Fractional sw ½ and fractional se ½ of
sec 21, t 8 n, r 1 w, 164.20 acres, $7750
Capay Valley Land Co. to B.E. Nickerson - bl 2 of the McMillan tract, $1000
C.S. Clark to S.J. Clark - Undiv ½ of Swamp Land Survey 294
University of Pacific to J.H. Glide - N ½ of ne ¼ of sec 16, t 7 n, r3 e
$2H. Fredericks to John Hennigan - Lot 8, bl A. Frederick add to Woodland $1
Wm. H. Bates to L. Mosbacker - Lot on Walnut street, Woodland $10

Purely Personal
P.B. Bryce was 63 years old yesterday - the 17 inst.
Madge Rust is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J. Stilts, in Wooden valley,
Napa county.
The Kahn brothers have broken up housekeeping, and are boarding at the
Hotel DeVilbiss.
William Sims celebrated the 59th anniversary of his birthday on Tuesday
last - the 14th inst.
J.W. Hudson, editor of the Esparto Independent, passed down on the train
Thursday morning
Mrs. J. Stilts of Wooden Valley, Napa county, spent the fore part of the
week here with her daughter, Mrs. E.C. Rust.
R.G. Tadlock was down from his farm at Citrona on Thursday. He reports his
grain crop harvested and sold, for which he got good prices.
J.C. Ewing of Oakland is the guest of this brother in law, A.B. Ish. He is
also canvassing for an atlas of the world, which is aid to be a valuable work.

Miss Bessie Morris, DDGM of this district, assisted by Mrs. H.M. Hoyt,
Marshal Hoyt, Charles Brinck and V. Morris, installed the officers of
Sylvan Rebekah Degree Lodge, last Wednesday evening. Following are the
names of the officers installed:
Past Noble Grand, Mrs. Mary Craiton
Noble Grand, Mrs. A.L. Joslyn
Vice Grand, Mrs. C.K. Weaver
Recording Secretary, Mrs. C. Barr
Permanent Secretary, Mrs. R.H. Newton
Treasurer, Mrs. L. Malcolm
Right Supporter to Noble Grand, Mrs. H.M. Hoyt
Left Supporter to Noble Grand, Miss Susie Ogden
Right Supporter to Vice Grand, Miss Esther Malcolm
Left Supporter to Vice Grand, Mrs. G. Ferguson
Right Altar Supporter, Mrs. Alice Adams
Left Altar Supporter, Mrs. J. Ervin
Warden, Miss Jennie Ervin
Conductor, Mrs. Belle Carscadden
Outside Guardian, Mrs. Helen Porter
Chaplain, Mrs. L.E. Newton
Organist, Mrs. Annie Duncan

Knights of Pythias
District Deputy Grand Chancellor, E.E. Kahn installed the officers elect of
Damocles Lodge No. 33 K. of P, last Thursday evening as follows:
Past Chancellor H.L. Moody
Chancellor Commander James L. Elliott
Prelate L.H. Maun
Inner Guard Peter Larsen
Outer Guard C.H. Wolfe

With us Again
Some six months ago Charley Miller betook himself to New York, the scene of
his boyhood days. There he married a young lady and became a Simon pure
benedict. Last Wednesday his genial countenance was seen upon our streets,
and he was right busy hand shaking with his many friends in Winters.
Charley is look exceedingly well, and we are pleased to note it. In the
near future he will have his better half with him.

Pacific District
Miss Willie King of Dixon is the guest of Mrs. J.A.J. King this week.
H. Tillotson and family of Binghamton were guests of T. Nipper's family
here, last Saturday.
Frank Fores of Vacaville was the guest of his uncle, J.A.J. King and family
last week.
George Lee has returned from Auburn not much improved in health.

Esparto Fruit
W.E. Cole shipped away up to Friday of last week 1210 crates of green
apricots and 68 tons of dried. He is still engaged in picking and drying
apricots, having just purchased the products of 200 acres of apricots
trees, which he is now curing. He is now engaged in buying up figs, which
he will cure and send East.

Davisville Notes
Mr and Mrs. J.J. Gallagher have returned from Monterey.
M. Majors has had to give up work with Wire's combined harvester on account
of sickness.
Mrs. Bates of Oakland, mother of Dr. W.E. Bates is visiting her son, as is
also Mrs. Jackson Hart, of Oakland, mother of Mrs. Dr. Bates.

Esparto Extracts
We clip the following items from Esparto Independent of Thursday.
H.L. McCloud and his five girls are employed at Winters in the fruit orchards.
Agent Coates and wife are enjoying a vacation at Napa and San Francisco for
a few weeks. D.C. Kelley an operator from Fresno is taking Mr. C's place
and cooling off and resting.
Mrs. Edward L. and Mrs. Levi Archer started for Fresno on Friday afternoon
to see a sister, Mrs. Thomas Adams of that place. She was said to be dying.
A judgment for $147 and interest from August 16, 1889, and costs, has been
given by the Superior Court against Constable Allison in the case of
Millsap vs. same.

Pleasant Valley Items
Mr. Casey and family, of Lower Lake, passed through the valley en route to
Vaca valley to cut fruit.
G.W. Thissell shipped to San Francisco, recently, two hundred boxes of
dried apricots on an old contract, at 12 ½ cents per pound. Mr. Thissell
has thirteen tons with which to fill the contract. The gentleman will hit
it this year, though he lost heavily last year on dried fruit.
Henry Brinck is paying 20 cents per 100 pounds for cutting and spreading
Hubert Porter of Porter Bros Co., of San Francisco, passed through the
valley on the 15th, looking for dried apricots. His highest offer was 9 ½
cents delivered at the depot. No one sold a pound, all prefer to ship the
fruit East at that price.
Frank Ayers has charge of Fred Wertner's ranch in Fred's absence.
Miss Kate Anderson is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.D. Parker in Apricot
G.W. Thissell, Jr., went to Napa City on the 16th inst. with a load of

Mary Catherine Raney, aged 59 years, 11 months and 25 days, died at her
home in Monticello, Napa county, Cal., July 12,1891. She lay several
months with that slow but fatal disease, consumption. She leaves four
children - three sons and one daughter - mourn her absence. Who is missed
more than a mother? The children are all grown, but unlike many, they still
appreciate a mother's love an counsel. Sister Raney lived a consistent
Christian for many years in the community where she died. She was well
beloved, by all who knew her. A large concourse of friends gathered at the
church Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., and after, a few remarks by the writer,
followed the remains to the Cemetery.
May the God of all grace bless and comfort the bereaved.
G.E. Shanklin
July 15, 1891

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