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Subject: [NORCAL] Sac Union Jan 5 1863
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The Sacramento Union
Monday, January 5, 1863

POLICE COURT - The case of J. NORRIS, charged with a violation of a city
ordinance, was on Saturday, in the Police Court, continued until to-day. The
case of Ou Chin, charged with assault to murder in cutting one of his
countrymen over the right eye, was continued until to-morrow. John DOE
pleaded guilty to a charge of disturbing the peace, and waving time, was
fined $10. The case of STEADMAN, charged with a violation of the sidewalk
ordinance, was continued until Thursday next, with the understanding that if
the ordinance is complied with the prosecution will be withdrawn. Charles
COHN was tried by a jury on a charge of assault and battery on Emanuel
RATTER by pushing him off of the sidewalk into the mud. The defendant was
found guilty.

FLUID EXPLOSION - On Saturday evening a fluid explosion took place of the
residence of L. FRINK, M street, between Seventh and Eighth streets.
Catherine FRINK, aged twelve years, was engaged in filling a lamp, having a
lighted candle a few inches off. The spout of the can was brought near the
blaze of the light and the contents instantly exploded. The child escaped by
being burnt but slightly on the right side of the face. There are genuine
non-explosive fluids manufactured, and those of another character should be
sold only for precisely what they are, that those who use them may be on
their guard and understand precisely the risks they run in using them.

RESIGNATION AND ELECTION - On Saturday morning W.S. WHITE tendered his
resignation as a member of the Police Department. At a meeting of the Board,
held in the evening, the resignation was accepted, and J.W. LESTER was
elected to fill the vacancy. An election was also held to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of D.C. GAY several weeks ago. D.C. GAY was

FUNERAL OF T. CAMPBELL - The funeral of Thomas CAMPBELL, late member of the
Assembly, took place on Saturday afternoon from the Assembly Chamber, and
was largely attended. The funeral rites were administered by the Rev. Father
GALLAGHER. The remains of the deceased were deposited in the Legislative
plot at the City Cemetery.

DEATHS - There were, according to the mortality report for the past week,
seven deaths in the city.

ARRESTS - A.A. WOODS, J. KENYON, D. HARDY and E. RUNYON were arrested on
Saturday by officer McGREW for violating the sidewalk ordinance. E. SWIFT
and J. WETZLAR were arrested by officer REDDING for the same offense. Also,
E. HALL, by officer SHEEK, for shooting in the streets, and ____ KENLEY, by
McGREW and SHEER, for safe keeping.

MURDER IN SANTA CRUZ - George WISE, who lived at GLASSELL's ranch, Santa
Cruz county, was beaten with a club by Juan LORENZANO, and so severely
injured that he died on Christmas day. The occurrence took place near the
house of H.C .WHEELER, on Major's ranch, some eight or ten miles up the
coast from Santa Cruz. The deceased was in the company of four or five
others when the blow was given, which was witnessed by one more of them. The
club weighed six or eight pounds.

INSOLVENCY - In the San Francisco County Court lately, Marx DORN filed a
petition for insolvency, which states that his capital stock and profits
were $26,112; real estate, merchandise and debts due, $34,644.08. Loss,

In San Francisco, Dec. 31st, Wm. F. MARCH to Jane R. HOLMES.
In San Francisco, Dec. 1st, Henry A. CHASE to Rosa RASE.
In San Francisco, Dec. 32st, Lucius H. FOOTE to Rosetta F. CARTER.
In San Francisco, Dec. 31st, Charles S. ROUSE to Gessie FINDIEREN
In San Francisco, Dec. 31st, Robert W. CARTER to Mary F. ALCORN.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, Thomas FITCH to Anna M. SHULTZ.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, Peter VAN PELT to Alice M. MARSHALL.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, Isaac W.W. BROWN to Bessie C. HOWLAND.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, Isaac POLLARD to Emma L. JACKSON.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, Charles W. SANGER to Mattie WHITE.
In San Francisco, Dec. 31st, Abraham M. HATHAWAY to Cornelia F. SMITHEY.
At South Boston, Massachusetts, Nov. 15th, John S. DAVIS to Harriet C.
In Jackson, Dec. 31st, Thomas WELLS to Louisa FRITZ.
On Coon creek, Jan. 1st, J.F. COX to Mary Jane CARROTHERS.
At Fort Jones, Dec. 25th, Wm. BAFFETT to Kitty REYNOLDS.
At Fort Jones, Dec. 28th, Constantine HUMPHREY to Mary COOLEY.
In Suisun, Dec. 31st, J.H. MARSTON to Fannie A. STOCKMON.
In Suisun, Dec. 29th, M.A. WHEATON to Carrie WEBSTER.
In Benicia, Dec. 29th, Charles L. HILL to Levisa ALFORD.
In Stockton, Jan. 1st, Elbert J. SMITH to Alma A. ALLEN.
In Stockton, Dec. 21st, Jos. W. HOERSUMER to Camelia HERMAN.
In Mariposa county, Dec. 25th, F.A. COX to Amanda F. PRESTON.
In Marysville, Jan. 1st, John RIXGIN to Frederika GROSS.
Near Willow Slough, Yolo county, Dec. 25th, Calvin RUDDOCK to Mrs .Adaline
In Virginia City, Dec. 30th, Dr. Wm. S. MINNEER to Mrs. Mary J. PLATT.
In Napa City, Jan. 1st, John V. SHAW to Mary J. WALTON.

In Sacramento, Jan. 2d, the wife of H. BOWMAN, of a son.
In Sacramento, Jan. 1st, the wife of Wm. TOOLE, of a son.
In Sacramento, Jan. 2d, the wife of Philip QUIGLEY, of a daughter.
In San Francisco, Jan. 1st, the wife of Albert R. SPARROW, of a son.
At Redwood City, Dec. 30th, the wife of W.O.R. SMITH, of a daughter.
In Auburn, Jan. 1st, the wife of Henry WELMER, of a son.
In Lincoln, Dec. 20th, the wife of James M. NAGEL, of a son.
In Bear Valley, Dec. 11th, the wife of J.W. REED, of a son.
In Bear Valley, Dec. 5th, the wife of ___ WARD, of a daughter.
In Mariposa, Dec. 27th, wife of J.O. LOVELY, of a son.
In Suisun Valley, Dec. 25th, the wife of Thomas LENNON, of a son.
In Suisun, Dec. 29th, the wife of E. BRISCOE, of a son.
At Knight's Landing, Dec. 29th, the wife of S. BIXLER, of a daughter.

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