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Subject: [NORCAL] SAc Bee Oct 8 1906
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The Evening Bee
Sacramento, Cal.
Monday, October 8, 1906
Page 6

Wheatland Man Is Robbed by Tramps
MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 8 - A Wheatland painter named Fred DOWANE
caused the arrest at an early hour this morning of James FLOOD, Thomas
McINTYRE and Evan J. DAVIS, three hoboes. DOWANE, who was here on a spree,
accuses the trio of garroting him and robbing him of about $50 near the
woolen mills, he having picked up with them earlier in the night. He says
they choked him almost into insensibility before they got the money from
him. The amount of coin which DOWANE says he lost was found on DAVIS, who
shows an inclination to turn State's evidence and confess. The prisoner
McINTYRE was wearing a Knights of Pythias pin when arrested.

Church Building Proves a Burden
CHICO (Butte Co.), October 8 - The local colored people have what might be
termed a "white elephant" on their hands in the form of a church building.
Several days ago the Trustees of the M.E. Church, South, made a gift of the
church building formerly used by them to the congregation of the African
Methodist Church. The building stands on the property sold by the M.E.
Church, South, to the Valley Syndicate, and after several unsuccessful
attempts to dispose of it to different parties, the Trustees decided to make
a gift of it to the congregation of the local colored people's Church. Now
it appears that the colored people can not raise the necessary amount to
have the building moved and they are in a quandary as to what to do, as the
Valley Syndicate has set a definite date for the premises to be cleared.

Meeting of Placer Medical Association
GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), October 8 - The Placer County Medical Association
held its regular tri-monthly meeting in this city on Saturday night. It is
composed of physicians from El Dorado, Placer, Nevada and Sierra Counties.
An excellent representation was present, when President JONES, of this city,
rapped for order. Dr. MULES, of Auburn, recorded the minutes. Interesting
cases which had come before the different physicians were discussed.
One of the most interesting of all was the case presented by Dr. MULES
relative to a man with a stony heart. This organ had become so ossified that
a jar - he was hit by a train - caused the organ to burst in two, much as
one would crack a pebble with a hammer. The accident happened to a
trackwalker and the peculiarity came to light as the result of an autopsy.
The heart, carefully preserved, was exhibited by Dr. MULES. The meeting
concluded with a banquet, furnished by the President.

Weber's Gift Deed May Cause Suit
AUBURN (Placer Co.), October 8 - Adolph WEBER, the eccentric murderer who
was recently executed at Folsom, had rather crude ideas of conveying
property. Last December he decided to deed the Weber homestead in this city
to F. RCHENMACHER. The fact that WEBER desired this property to go to
RECHENMACHER was generally known here, but the condemned man never executed
a common form deed, and the only instrument which RECHENMACHER has from
WEBER is a brief note, which is a questionable conveyance, as WEBER's
signature to it is not attested by a Notary. Following is the letter by
which WEBER thought he had given his property to his friend and neighbor:
"Auburn (Cal.), December 11, 1905. - Mr. Ferdinand Rechenmacher: Dear Sir -
You do not like me. I believe all that you told me. I give you my property
lying between the brewery and the lane on the east, Dunlap and Hager on the
west, Snowden on the north and yourself on the south. Take possession of it.
It is yours. Adolph Weber."
Brief as this epistle is, the description of the property is sufficient if
the name of the grantor had been properly acknowledged.
RECHENMACHER has had the instrument recorded, and litigation may follow
before RECHENMACHER's title is settled.

Falls From Bridge and May Not Live
NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), October 8 - After falling twenty-five feet from a
small footbridge into a creek, the little five-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D.D. STURGIS, lies at her home suffering from internal injuries, and it
is yet too early to announce the outcome of the accident. The child was
walking on the narrow bridge or walk from Spring Street to Lost Hill, when
her attention was attracted by boys beneath. She unconsciously walked off
the structure and plunged into the creek which contains but a few inches of
water. That she was not killed outright is a miracle. The little one was
picked up and carried home, medical attendance being summoned. No broken
bones were found, but her condition is such that the outcome cannot yet be

Owen R. Jones Dead
AUBURN (Placer Co.), October 8 - Owen R. JONES, an old Placer County
resident, was buried in this city on Saturday, his death occurring at his
old home in Clipper Gap on Friday. Deceased was a native of Anglesay, Wales,
and 69 years of age. The funeral service was held from the deceased's home
and a large concourse of friends followed the remains to this city, where
the interment was held.

Now Believed That Cook Was Murdered
OROVILLE (Butte Co.), October 8 - Coroner Sol PETTIT returned Saturday from
Big Bar where he went to hold an inquest on the body of a man found floating
in Feather River by a Greek employe of the Western Pacific. The jury
rendered a verdict of death due to accidental drowning.
PETTIT had his doubts, however, and Saturday afternoon returned here to
lay the matter before the District Attorney. An examination of the body,
which was found floating on top of the water, showed that the man's skull
was crushed and one arm broken, which facts point strongly to foul play. It
was impossible to hold an autopsy as decomposition was too far advanced.
The body was identified as that of George CROFT, a cook at the Big Bar
camp, who disappeared on September 27th. He was about 40 years of age and a
native of New York.
It is believed he was murdered as he was known to possess some money.

Beck Faces Prison
COLUSA (Colusa Co.), October 8 - The preliminary examination of Paul BECK, a
German aged 50, for criminal assault upon Little Marie SILVA, a 7-year-old
Italian girl, was held Saturday before Judge MOORE, and he was bound over to
the Superior Court with bonds fixed at $1000.
BECK and the girl's parents were working at the old BICKNELL place on the
east side of the Sacramento River, eight miles north of Colusa. BECK enticed
the little girl into his room, where he assaulted her. The girl's cries
attracted her mother's attention and by threats she was made to tell what
BECK had done. BECK left the place hastily and was arrested in Sacramento
last Wednesday.

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