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Subject: Re: [NORCAL] Cheney name in 1880 Monterey Co.
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 15:27:40 EDT

In a message dated 3/25/2008 12:19:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,

In's 1880 Census I simply chose State: California, County:
Monterey, and Township: San Antonio.

The index came back with everyone in that township and the names are
arranged as they appear on the actual census. Cholame Valley residents
were at the tail end of the 1800+ names but I found no family grouping
with the proper, or even close, given names as the Cheney family.

Just in case the census takers bungled the location of the county line,
I also chose State: California, County: San Luis Obispo, and Tonship:
San Jose. This one includes the town of San Miguel. I found a bunch of
Morgans but no Peter or Peter M. with any surname.

If you'd like to short-circuit the 1800+ names in the Monterey County
census, enter all of the above plus IMUS as the surname. Just north of
the Cholame Valley was the Imus Ranch and at one brief moment in time
the surname was applied to a tiny little town [Imusdale] with a cemetery.

Francis M. STONE is another name from that part of the world. A canyon
was named for him and it contained the richest coal mine on the Central
Coast. The Southern Pacific Railroad even built a spur line from the
main line in the Salinas Valley to facilitate transporting the coal.

Another good cross-reference name is George Sullivan Gould, he was the
first postmaster at Imusdale. He arrived in the upper Cholame Valley in
1874 and homesteaded 4-1/2 miles from Parkfield. He also established a
store at the post office location.

A couple of other pioneer names: Garrett Quimby RUSSELL, founder of
Parkfield; R.E. JACK, one time owner of the Cholame Ranch, hence renamed
Jack Ranch; Charles, William, & David F. STOCKDALE.


The southeastern portion of Monterey County, where Cholame Valley is
located, in the 1880 census is Enumeration District #59 and consists of
15 pages of names. I looked at all 15 pages of the actual census and
there is no family with the correct, or even close, set of given names.
Where ever the Cheney family was during June and July of 1880, it was
not in the Cholame Valley.

You are amazing, Anita. Thank you ever so much!


Marin Co., CA

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