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Thank you!!! Betty,

Betty wrote:
> The Evening Bee
> Sacramento, CA
> Thursday, October 11, 1906
> Page 6
> Mrs. Fitz Dies
> WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), October 11 - Mrs. Rueben FITZ died at her home in this
> city yesterday afternoon. She was a native of Delaware, Canada, 62 years of
> age, and came to California when 8 years of age with her parents. Her
> husband, one daughter, Miss Nina, and two sons, George, of this city, and
> Frank, who is in the East, survive her. The funeral services will not be
> announced until the son in the East is heard from.
> Buys Placer Timber
> TRUCKEE (Nevada Co.), October 11 - Mrs. Marguerette SCHAFFER has sold to the
> Floriston Paper Company the timber on her lands in Placer County, and it is
> said the company is negotiating with other land owners on the south side of
> the river. The SCHAFFER timber is to be cut and delivered by next Summer.
> George H. Humphreys, Camper Who Accidentally Shot Himself, Passes Away At
> The County Hospital
> MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 11 - Geo. H. HUMPHREYS, the camper referred
> to in last night\rquote s Bee as a victim of pulling a rifle toward him
> muzzle forward from his wagon, died at the County Hospital at 11:30 o\rquote
> clock last night.
> Before he expired he related the details of the accident and placed all
> the blame on himself.
> The 44-caliber ball that caused Humphreys\rquote death entered the
> abdomen near the navel and severed the intestines in its course downward to
> the groin. It was removed by the physicians near the left knee.
> HUMPHREYS\rquote companions on his camping trip were John NELSON and R.
> BROOKS. The latter was in town when the accident took place and NELSON was
> near by.
> The dead man was a native of England, aged 36. He resided in the United
> States twenty-one years, but had no relatives in this country. He did not
> state his occupation.
> Dr. Kellogg and Wife Now In Los Angeles Where They Have Been Since April
> Earthquake and Fire
> LODI (San Joaquin Co.), October 11 - News reached Lodi recently that Dr.
> KELLOGG and wife who came to Lodi from the East the early part of April and
> who afterward were reported as having lost their lives during the San
> Francisco disaster were safely located in Los Angeles.
> The newcomers came here with the intention of establishing a sanitarium,
> and had gone to San Francisco to obtain material for such a construction
> when the great calamity occurred. No trace could be found of them and it was
> the general belief that they were killed at that place.
> But fortunately they took a through train to Los Angeles, where they have
> been since. They will return here later and establish the proposed
> sanitarium.
> Fail to Identify Victim of Train
> REDDING (Shasta Co.), October 11 - Coroner BASSETT was not able to determine
> at the investigation held yesterday the name of the man killed by the train
> Tuesday night in the Redding yards, as told in The Bee of Wednesday.
> John DOWLER and Edmon WRIGHT were passengers from Weed to Redding on the
> same train. They had considerable conversation with the stranger and he told
> then his name. Strangely enough, neither could recall his name after death.
> The unknown man was a cement worker on the railroad culverts and was in the
> employ of Erickson & Peterson, contractors on the Weed Railroad, up to
> Monday noon. He claimed that he was a foreman, but Erickson & Peterson had
> no foreman who quit work Monday. He had been drinking very heavily.
> The body was buried yesterday afternoon and the man\rquote s true name may
> never be known, though a laborer from Weed who saw the disfigured remains
> yesterday said he thought the man\rquote s name was WILEY.
> Delegates from Many California Towns To Adopt New Constitution And Elect
> Officers
> MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 11 - The General Association of Colored
> Baptists of California is in annual session in Marysville this week,
> organization having been effected at the opening session yesterday. The
> report of the Committee on Enrollment shows the following delegates present:
> Woodland - Dr. J.A. DENNIS, Miss Cora HOWARD and Miss Florence GREENLEE;
> Esparto, Mrs. M.F. GAITHER; Pasadena - Rev. J.D. BUSHELL and Mrs. R.A. DENT;
> San Jose - Rev. and Mrs. A. LEWIS and son, S. TURNER, Mrs. D. PINKEY;
> Oakland - Rev. Dr. F.T. WALKER, Rev. C.C.X. LAWS, Mrs. J.B. WINKEY and Mrs.
> M.A. GILMORE; San Francisco - Miss Joy GIBSON, Mrs. K. McKEE, Mrs. E.
> WILLIAMS, Mrs. J.E. BROWN and Mrs. F.S. SIMPSON; Vallejo - Mrs. S.A. SMITH
> and Mrs. S.L. DAVIS; Bakersfield - G.L. GEARY; Stockton - J.H. BURROWS and
> H. MASON and wife; Fresno - Rev. J.L. ALLEN, Rev. John MORGAN, Mrs. E.G.
> VANDERBURG, Mrs. L. WATKINS, Mrs. E. JONES, Miss A. BERRY, Miss Bessie
> SPEARS and Mrs. H. BIGSBY; Hanford - Rev. G.W. AYRES and Mrs. A. ANDERSON;
> Sacramento - Rev. John M. COLLINS, William MATTHEWS, Miss Grace GRUBBS and
> Mrs. M. BRINSON and daughter.
> Rev. John MORGAN, of Fresno, is the presiding officer of the conference,
> and Rev. John M. COLLINS, of Sacramento, is acting as temporary Secretary in
> the place of the regular Secretary, Rev. John H. ALLEN.
> The address of welcome was delivered y G.W. WILSON, of the local
> congregation, and the response was made by Rev. LEWIS, of San Jose. "And He
> Prayed" was the subject of the introductory sermon by Rev. C.C.X. LAWS.
> There is a new constitution to be adopted, and this is being taken up
> section by section and debated.
> Last evening a special session was held, at which Mayor HALL extended the
> freedom of the city to the delegates.
> The Chair has appointed working Committees as follows: Digest of Letter;
> Obituaries; Time, Place and Preacher of Annual Sermon; Missions,
> Nominations; New Bodies, Finance, Resolution, Sunday Schools, Religious
> Literature.
> The negro Baptists of the Unites States number more than 2,000,000 with
> 15,000 churches and 600 students in colleges and seminaries.
> Stage Horses Run Away With Load Of People, One Of Whom May Die, Two Are
> Severely Injured And Five Bruised.
> ALTURAS (Modoc Co.), October 11 - The entire stage load of passengers on the
> Madeline-Lakeview stage was thrown into the ditch Tuesday and all were
> injured. Three people were badly hurt, one probably fatally. Mrs. Thomas
> FLUKE of Lakeview is the one most severely hurt. T.C. HENDERSON and a man
> named McCALL, who were way billed from Alturas, are also suffering from
> severe injuries. The other five - Miss FLUKE, J. FLUKE, W.H. DICK, Albert
> OLESON and T.C. HENDERSON - are more or less bruised, but in no danger.
> The accident occurred about twelve miles north of Alturas, between 7 and 8
> o'clock Tuesday morning. The place is known as Thomas Creek. Leading down
> the road is a long, steep hill, at the bottom of which is the almost dry bed
> of the creek. The team got out of the control of the driver and charged down
> this declivity at breakneck speed. The surface of the road has become worn
> and roughened through the long, dry Summer, and every jolt of the wheels
> rocked and tossed the stage, with its ever-increasing velocity. On striking
> the bottom the vehicle was capsized and smashed to splinters and its load
> scattered with the disastrous results above told.
> The driver, Albert HOUSTON, was an inexperienced man and was unable to
> stop or guide the maddened team. The practice of the present stage company
> in putting new men in charge of stage teams has been criticized and came
> near resulting in a dangerous runaway at Alturas a couple of weeks ago.
> Dr. COPPEDGE of Alturas was quickly summoned to the scene of the wreck and
> the injured were removed to nearby houses. The physician is doing all
> possible to alleviate the suffering of the injured.
> A.P. CROSS of Los An geles is proprietor of the route, having taken charge
> July 1st . He inaugurated the change from two to four horses on the stages
> from Madeline to Alturas.
> Aged Miner Robbed of All His Savings
> QUINCY (Plumas Co.), October 11 - The thief who robbed Costa, an old miner,
> on the East Branch of the Feather River, of $1000 in gold dust and nuggets,
> is still at liberty.
> It appears that COSTA had a young Italian working for him who decided to
> quit. After he had let, COSTA looked for his gold, which was secreted about
> the cabin in a place known only to himself and his employe, but to his
> surprise it was gone. He immediately reported the matter, but as yet no
> trace has been found of the missing man.
> COSTA is a hard-working miner over 60 years of age, and was anticipating a
> visit to his old home, intending to return and spend his old age in quiet
> amidst the scenes of his lifelong labors. He is one of the earliest settlers
> here, but until recently had little success.
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