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From: Dee Sardoc <>
Subject: [NORCAL] Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA -- 8-13 February 1869
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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
8-13 FEBRUARY 1869

>>MONDAY, 8 FEB 1869<<

BIRTH -- at Hornitos, Jan. 30th, to the wife of A.W. CLOUGH, a son.

BIRTH -- at Piney Creek, Mariposa county, Jan. 28th, to the wife of C.M. VAN RIPER, a daughter.

ROBBERY -- On Monday night last, says the 'Union Democrat,' Mrs. DONOVAN's store, in Jamestown, was entered and robbed of about $100 worth of tobacco and $25 in money. The entrance was effected by removing some boards from the side of the house adjoining, then making an opening through the stone wall into the store. The robbers appear to have been hungry as they evidently fixed an impromptu table and enjoyed themselves by feeding on bivalves, as several oyster cans which had belonged to Mrs. DONOVAN were laying around loose.

>>TUESDAY, 9 FEB 1869<<

BIRTH -- in Mokelumne Hill, Feb. 4th, to the wife of G.F. WESSON, of a daughter.

BIRTH -- in Springfield, Tuolumne county, Jan. 26th, to the wife of H.A. BURGESS, of a son.

MARRIED -- at Shaw's Flat, Tuolumne county, Jan. 30th, Elijah RICHARDS and Miss Lizzie McLEAN.

DIED -- at Hoskin's Ranch, Calaveras county, Feb. 1st, Isaac JACKSON, a native of Missouri, aged 36 years.

DIED -- at Shaw's Flat, Jan. 30th, Captain W.N.N. CHURCHILL, a native of Cornish, N.H., aged 59 years, 9 months, 18 days.

DIED -- at Shaw's Flat, Feb. 1st, Samuel TROOP, agd 38 years, a native of Gardiner, Maine.

DIED -- at Sonora, Jan. 39th [typo?], Nettie, daughter of Harris and Pauline JOSEPH, aged 5 months.

DIED -- at Chinese Camp, Feb. 3d, inst., Patrick WELCH, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 36 years.

A SMALL-POX PATIENT at LARGE -- The Virginia 'Enterprise' of the 4th inst., has the following: Yesterday morning, about 4 o'clock, Daniel DUFF, a small-pox patient at the County Hospital, in a fit of delirium, suddenly left his bed and pushing the nurse aside, darted from the institution. On getting outside of the building, he ran off down the canyon in the direction of Flowery, and so swiftly as to defy pursuit. He had no clothing upon him at the time but his drawers, undershirts and socks. Although parties immediately went in pursuit of him, up to a late hour last night he had not been found. It is supposed that he has ere this perished of cold, or that he has dashed over some precipice and killed himself. Daniel DUFF is about 27 years of age, a native of New Brunswick.

The 'Enterprise' of the 6th states that DUFF was found dead in a snow bank on Geiger Grade on Friday night, the 5th instant. He had wandered 20 miles, over the hills and in some places had crawled on his hands and knees for a distance of half a mile.

-The business co-partnership heretofore existing between Lewis HEWLETT and A.S. CHASE, in the grocery business, on Hunter street, was dissolved on the 4th instant, by mutual consent. Mr. CHASE settles all business connected with the late firm, and continues it at the same place in his own name.
-S.P. SAMPSON and John TILTON, who have been associated in the business of keeping the Eureka saloon, dissolved partnership yesterday by mutual consent. Claims against of debts due the late firm will be settled by either Mr. SAMPSON or Mr. TILTON. The latter draws out of the business with a view of returning to New York to join his family, from whom he has been absent a number of years. The business will be conducted by Mr. SAMPSON, in his own name and on his own account.

A NEW SOCIETY -- A number of our Hebrew fellow citizens have organized themselves into a Society known as "Bnai Brith" (Sons of the Covenant). 12 prominent members of the order, and who belong to Lodge No. 4, in San Francisco, arrived on Sunday morning, and began the work of initiating members, conferring degrees, and assisting in electing and installing the officers of Hope Lodge in this city. They commenced their labors at 10 o'clock a.m., and closed at 11 o'clock p.m., when they sat down to a sumptuous repast prepared for them at the United States Restaurant. The ceremonies were held in Druid Hall, corner of Hunter and Channel streets. The following named gentlemen were elected and installed officers of Hope Lodge:
J.J. SELDNER, President
J.M. MORRIS, Vice President
Michael MARKS, Recording Secretary
Samuel MARKS, Sr., A.M.
Trustees: Samuel MARKS, Jr.; J. COHEN and A. KOLMAN

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Feb. 6 -- A sailor named Jackson SWASEY fell overboard from the top-sail yard of the steamer 'Continental,' on the 25th of January, and was drowned.

>>WEDNESDAY, 10 FEB 1869<<

MARRIED -- in this city, Sunday, Feb. 7th, by Rev. Ben E.S. ELY; A.M. SWANEY and Mrs. Adelia SEALM.

DEATH of DR. HORR -- The sad tidings of the death of Dr. D.D. HORR, of Tuolumne City, were [illeg] in this city last evening. Death was caused at an early hour on Tuesday morning by an overdose of morphine. Whether taken intentionally or by accident is not stated. Deceased was one of Nature's noblemen, and his sudden demise will cast a cloud of sorrow over the minds of a large circle of friends in San Joaquin and other counties. [see 13 Feb issue]

ELECTION of OFFICERS -- The semi-annual election of officers of the Philharmonic Society took place in Pioneer Hall last evening. The following named gentlemen were elected:
L.W. ELLIIOTT, President
George P. NEWELL, Vice President
John R. WILLIAMS, Secretary
A. SMIDT, Treasurer

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Feb. 9 --
-Jane M. MOYLAN sues John SMITH to recover $20,000 for alleged slanderous statements affecting her reputation for veracity.
-The body of John DRUMMOND, drowned upon Sunday night, has been recovered. When he fell off the dock his head struck a fender at the side of the wharf, fracturing the skull and probably causing instant death. Today the flags on many British vessels and the Consular residence were lowered to half-mast out of respect for his memory.

-A little son of J.W. MESICK, who lives near Buckeye, Yolo county, was scalded to death by falling into a kettle of hot lard.
-The Truckee 'Tribune' of Feb. 6th says: On Thursday of last week a man named Thomas LODGES, while at work getting out logs near Camp 21, had the misfortune to have one of the logs roll over him, crushing the upper portion of his chest and breaking his left arm. He laid out some hours before he was discovered. He was sent to this place, where he received prompt medical attendance from Dr. WEED, but his injuries were so severe that he died from the effects of them on the following morning. He was about 45 years of age and leaves a wife and family in comfortable circumstances near Healdsburg, Sonoma county.

>>THURSDAY, 11 FEB 1869<<

MARRIED -- in this city, Feb. 9th, by Rev. James MOTTER; William D. ISHELL [or ISNELL], of San Joaquin county, and Miss Jane VALENTINE, of this city.

MARRIED -- in this city, Feb. 10th, by the Rev. Ben. E.S. ELY, at the residence of the bride's mother; John T. CARY, of Sacramento, and Miss Mary E. BRADFORD, of this city.

DIED -- in this city, Feb. 10th, Maggie Bell, youngest child of Wm. M. and Anna N. BAGGS, aged 3 years, 9 months, 6 days. [Funeral will take place from the residence of the parents tomorrow (Friday) morning, at 11 o'clock.]

DIVORCE -- In the case of Susan E. GRIME vs. John GRIME, it has been ordered by the District Court that a decree of divorce be prepared and entered in accordance with the prayer of the complaint.

SEVERELY INJURED -- On Sunday, Feb. 7th, Oscar KNOX was driving a spirited team on the Cliff House road, when he was thrown from the carriage with great force, breaking his thigh and inflicting severe injuries which may prove fatal. KNOX is a step-son of TUBBS, one of the proprietors of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, San Francisco.

SUDDEN DEATH -- The Virginia 'Enterprise' of Feb. 7th says Daniel BAYLISS, lately a conductor on an extra freight train, on the Central Pacific Railroad, died suddenly at Truckee. He was a young man, being only about 27 years of age. We did not learn his disease or any particulars in regard to his nativity.

SAD ACCIDENT -- The Grass Valley 'National' of the 6th says: Dennis RYAN was accidentally killed yesterday afternoon by falling into the flume of the Buckeye claim, near Sweetland. He was washed down several hundred yards before he could be extricated, and when taken out lived but a few moments. Deceased was an estimable man about 33 years of age, and formerly lived in Grass Valley, where we believe some of his relatives reside now.

BEASTLY -- Mary MONTGOMERY, a white stewardess of a ship lying in San Francisco harbor, was found on one of the wharves the other day, in a condition of beastly drunkenness, using the foulest, most obscene and profane language and surrounded by 6 negroes who were having a good time with the frail female of the ruling and superior race. She was mercifully arrested and incarcerated.

HOMICIDE at TRUCKEE -- Last Saturday about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, says the Sacramento 'Record' of Feb. 8th, a man by the name of George G. GILBERT was shot through the breast and almost instantly killed, by a man named Henry BENJAMIN, in the Essex Saloon. The trouble arose over a game of faro.

>>FRIDAY, 12 FEB 1869<<

FUNERAL TODAY -- The remains of Maggie, youngest daughter of Wm. M. and Anna N. BAGGS, will be interred at 2 o'clock this afternoon, instead of 11 a.m. as previously announced.

SHOOTING at WHITE PINE -- A reckless and wicked shooting affair happened at Treasure City, White Pine, on Friday, the 29th ult., of which the 'News' gives the following account: Another outrageous shooting affray took place in our principal street between 3 & 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, between James MARCUSE and Joseph BYRON, in which neither of the principals were hurt; but several outsiders narrowly escaped being shot, and a horse belonging to Ben. FRANKLIN was probably mortally wounded. The affray originated in front of the Bureau saloon, and about which of the 2 should have the honor of receiving a female who had just arrived in Ben. FRANKLIN's sleigh from Hamilton. Several shots were fired -- some say 10 -- before the belligerents were arrested. One of Ben. FRANKLIN's leaders was shot through the head, from the effects of which it will probably die. Another bullet went into the house of James STEEL, where that gentleman was comfortably ensconced, and passed through h!
is coa
t, over and behind his left shoulder.

BREACH of PROMISE -- The San Francisco 'Chronicle' of yesterday give the following proceedings had in the $10,000 breach of promise case: The case of Mary Jane KETE vs. Paul VLANTINE was called for trial yesterday in the 4th District Court. Several witnesses were examined for the plaintiff. It appears from the testimony that the defendant, Paul VLANTINE, is a resident of Sacramento, and has been connected with Frank KOSTA, of that city, in the restaurant. Some 14 or 15 months ago plaintiff visited some friends at Sacramento and became acquainted with defendant. 5 or 6 months after her return, Mr. VLANTINE visited her at her father's residence in this city [San Francisco]. At that time the father and mother began to suspect that there was "something wrong," and on investigation found their fears were confirmed. Their daughter admitted to them that she was engaged to VLANTINE, and had expected to marry him, and that their relationship was such that their marriage would be high!
ly app
ropriate. VLANTINE did not, however, think proper to marry, but refused to do so. Suspicions were first aroused because VLANTINE and Miss KETE were engaged in purchasing certain articles in the nursery line, which they said was designed for a Mrs. BONITA, in Sacramento. This statement was discredited by the parents, and hence their doubts and fears. The trial is still progressing.

>>SATURDAY, 13 FEB 1869<<

BIRTH -- in this city, Jan. 31st, to the wife of W.J. McCORMICK, of a daughter.

DIED -- in this city, Feb. 10th, Maggie Bell, youngest child of Wm. M. and Anna N. BAGGS, aged 3 years, 9 months, 6 days.

SUICIDE -- The following account of the manner in which Dr. B.D. HORR came to his death, is given in the Tuolumne City 'News' of yesterday: "Dr. B.D. HORR, of this place, committed suicide last Tuesday morning, about 4 o'clock, by the administration of an overdose of morphine. From the circumstances connected with the case it is generally believed by his friends that he had contemplated the commission of the act for some time previous. Financial embarrassment, produced by excessive drink and fondness for gaming, is supposed to have been the cause for the commission of the fatal deed. Strange as it may appear, about 1 hour previous to his self-destruction he departed from those with whom he had been playing cards with that usual vivacity and cheerfulness of spirit for which he was so noted. Dr. HORR was one of the earliest pioneers of our county, having settled at what is known as "HORR's ranch" on the Tuolumne river, in the year 1849. He was a member of the State Legislature!
at th
e time of the organization of Stanislaus county, and also filled the position of Deputy Federal Collector of this and Merced counties in the years of 1862-63. The deceased possessed more than an average share of energy and industry, which, combined with a great fund of varied information, and great social qualities, made his company attractive and interesting to those with whom he was brought in contact. Though he may have possessed many grievous faults (and who does not?) he was generous to a fault -- ever ready and willing to contribute his mite to alleviate the distress and misery of his fellow beings. These ennobling attributes in his character would even cause an enemy to regret his death."

INSTALLATION -- At a regular meeting of Linden Lodge, No. 112, I.O.G.T., held on Saturday evening last, the following named members were installed officers for the ensuing term:
John M. JONES, W.C.T.
Miss Rina WASLEY, W.V.T.
Mrs. Sarah E. SMITH, W.R.H.S.
Miss Rosa BRUISE, W.L.H.S.
Miss Eva J. FERRIS, W.S.
Isaac S. SMITH, W.F.S.
Mrs. Ophelia R. FERRIS, W.T.
Ridgley R. ALGEO, W.M.
Miss Amanda M. ELIOT, W.D.M.
Miss Emma M. WASLEY, W,I.G.
Peter A. CLARK, W.O.G.
Charles S. CLARK, P.W.C.T.

VELOCIPEDES -- Joseph BLAIR has constructed a handsome 2-wheeled velocipede, at the Globe Iron Works, and on several occasions has tried the experiment of riding on it in the streets. This is the 1st manufactured in Stockton although it is not the 1st introduced. Some 30 years ago R.B. JOHNSON, of this city, brought a velocipede from England to the United States, kept it at his home in the West until he started for California, and brought it along with him to Stockton some 8 years ago, and has it on his premises at the present time.

KILLED -- Marcellas KANE, a brakeman on the Central Pacific Railroad, was killed by falling from a freight train near Tunnel 13, on that road, on Tuesday afternoon, February 9th.

AT SOMERVILLE, Contra Costa county, Feb. 8th, a little girl named Mary Ann MILLER, daughter of a miner, fell from the trestle-work along the railroad spanning a chasm in the hills, and was frightfully mangled. She lingered in an insensible state for a few hours when death ensued.

FRANCIS SMITH, a resident of San Francisco, 60 years of age, had one of his legs broken by falling over a lot of building material which had carelessly been left on the street by a contractor.

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