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Subject: [NORCAL] Hanford, Tulare Co., CA -- 10 November 1891
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Hanford Weekly Journal
Hanford, Tulare County, California
Tuesday, 10 NOVEMBER 1891

BORN -- DONOHUE -- In Hanford, Cal., Nov. 6, 1891, to the wife of Warren DONOHUE, a daughter.

MARRIED -- AYERS-ADAMS -- Near Hanford, Cal., Nov. [illeg], 1891, by Rev. S-ALS; Lav[illeg] AYERS and Miss Ella ADAMS.

MARRIED -- O'BRIEN-ARNOLD -- At the residence of bride's parents, in Hanford, Cal., Nov. 10, 1891, by Rev. N.W. MOTHERAL; Frank O'BRIEN and Miss Amanda M. ARNOLD. [There was a quiet wedding at the residence of W.A. ARNOLD at 9:30 this morning, as will be seen by referring to our marriage column. The young couple have the best wishes of a host of friends for their future happiness.]

UNITED in WEDLOCK -- At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr.&Mrs. C.J. GIDDINGS, in Visalia, last Wednesday evening, Miss Blanche GIDDINGS of Visalia and Mr. J.O. HICKMAN, assistant cashier of the Bank of Hanford, were united in wedlock by Rev. C.S. LINSLEY, rector of the Episcopal church of Hanford, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. After the ceremony the couple came to Hanford by team and the happy couple are now keeping house in the new and commodious cottage built by Mr. HICKMAN and just completed, on the NW corner of Eighth and Harris streets.

Those in attendance at the wedding, from Hanford, were:
Mr.&Mrs. Frank SHARPLES
Arthur KING

"The presents received were both beautiful and useful," says the Visalia 'Delta' in speaking of the event, "and among them were:
A silver ice cream bowl by Mr.&Mrs. R.E. HYDE
Silver water service by J.M. FOX
Silver salad set by E.H. FITCH
Silver carving set, Mr.&Mrs. J.D. HYDE
Silver butter knife, Mr.&Mrs. E.L. VAN VALER
Silver berry spoon, Mrs. T.V. BIDDLE
Silver nut set, Misses Maggie HARRELL and Fannie FISHER
Silver ladle, Mrs. FATON
Fruit knife, Mr.&Mrs. D.E. PERKINS
Silver butter knife, H.C. RAY
Carving set, S.E. BIDDLE
Piano lamp, Dr. H.T. HENDRICKS
Plush rocking chair, Mr.&Mrs. W.F. THOMAS
Handkerchief case, Mrs. R. RIORDAN
Easel, Miss Myrtle SMITH
Handsome jar, Misses Cora and Mamie CROLY"

Mr. HICKMAN is one of our most able and enterprising young business men and he has captured one of Visalia's prettiest and most accomplished daughters. The 'Journal' congratulates them on the auspicious commencement of their life in wedlock and hopes each year will bring them increased sunshine and prosperity.


AN "AT HOME" -- On the return of Mr.&Mrs. Charles DOWNING from their wedding tour an "At Home" was given at the "Newlyn" ranch, by Mr.&Mrs. B.A. BATEMAN last Thursday. There was quite a gathering of friends of the bride and groom and dancing was the main feature of the evening, most of the guests participating therein until 3 a.m. Friday morning. Excellent music was rendered by Prof. PARSONS on the piano. About 10 o'clock p.m. the handsome bridal cake and supper provided by Mrs. George BRAILSFORD was served and received the well-merited comment that "it could not have been better put up by any of the leading providers of the old or new country."

Following is a list of a few of the presents given to the bride:
Miss IRWIN, silver cheese scoop
Mrs. Dr. MUSGRAVE, silver salt cellars
Mrs. E.J. RAWLINS, afternoon teakettle
Mrs. J.S. ROBINSON, piano lamp
Mr.&Mrs. H.W. RAWLINS, cut glass, silver-mounted claret jug
Messrs. Isaac, H. and H. NOEL and P. ECCLES, silver butter dish and knife
Mrs. DOWNING, handsome drawing room rug and Japanese rug for dining room
Geo. JAMES, handsome silver tea set
Mr.&Mrs. O. DOWNING, silver cream dish
B.A. BATEMAN, pair Japanese inlaid vases
Mrs. B.A. BATEMAN, cheque


A DISPATCH from Kingsburg, dated Nov. 4th, says: John McMULLEN, who was married but 2 weeks ago in the East, mysteriously disappeared Monday and was found dead yesterday on the railroad south of here. He had just arrived with his bride from Appleton, Wis. On Monday, accompanied by his cousin, Walter HIRSCH, he went to Goshen to get his trunk, and on his return, when within a mile of there, he remarked that he must go to Kingsburg and insisted upon walking. He started, saying he would return at 4 o'clock if he met a certain man, but if he did not he might be later. Not having arrived at sundown a search was commenced without result. It was renewed early next morning and at 9 o'clock his bruised, denuded body was discovered on the railroad, close to where he had left his cousin the day before. His body lay across the railroad ties and his clothes were scattered around. His skull was crushed and the back part torn away. He had probably been struck by the out-bound express, and !
2 othe
r trains must have passed over him later. The Coroner returned a verdict of accidental death. Over $100 was found in his pockets. He was buried today by the Odd Fellows of Traver.


FATAL ACCIDENT -- Dallas McCORD, ex-sheriff of Kern county and who has recently been farming near Tulare Lake and SE of Hanford, was fatally injured last Saturday and died this afternoon as a result of the shock and from the effects of his wounds. He hitched up 4 young horses in a Randall harrow and attempted to drive them through hard ground. The horses ran away with him. The harrow was pulled over a large stick, and it was thrown into the air. In trying to dodge the stick, McCORD was thrown onto the sharp blades of the harrow, which were revolving, and he received a terrible flesh wound, about 18 inches in length, on one of his hips, cutting through the flesh and muscles to the bone. Dr. DUNCAN of Hanford was called to attend the case and states that McCORD never recovered from the shock to his system.

The funeral will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3 o'clock and the interment will be made in the Hanford cemetery.


FAIR WARNING -- Notice is hereby given to those parties who have been stealing wood from my corral on Douty street near Eighth that I shall at once "load" the same, and any persons taking wood from my premises in future will do so at their peril.
Hanford, Nov. 9, 1891


-Rev. UMPLEBY and family departed this forenoon for Paso Robles, where they expect to reside.

-Thomas BIDDLE returned to Hanford last Sunday evening, after a long absence. Mrs. BIDDLE is in Selma and is still in extremely poor health.

-Mrs. TEMPLETON is having a tank house, also a lodging house for her farm hands, erected on her place near Hanford.

-Miss Elizabeth THORNE left for Oakland yesterday to attend the wedding of her sister, Mamie, which takes place in that city on Thursday of this week.

DRESS MAKING -- Miss N. ESREY and Miss M. HOUSE have opened dressmaking parlors at the residence of Mrs. S.D. WINSETT, on D st., Lemoore, and are prepared to do fashionable dress-making.

E. WILSON and his daughter, Mrs. E.L. WILSON, were guests at the Turner House last week. They spent considerable time looking about the Lucerne Valley. The lady is administratrix of a deceased uncle who left property in this vicinity.

D. GAMBLE and family have moved into their new residence near the school-house. It is a 2-story, hard finished house of 6 rooms and bath, very conveniently arranged and having a wide veranda on 3 sides. Mr. GAMBLE has erected one of the most comfortable houses for this climate that there is in this section of the County.

J.F. PRYOR, a former resident of this city, but lately a resident of Copperopolis, has sold his business in the last named place and is in Hanford visiting his father and other relatives.


-Dr. D.R. BALL and wife, of Nelson, Neb., are visiting relatives in this community. He is a brother of John BALL, who resides at Tule River, in this county, and of Mrs. C. LaFORTUNE of this place.

-There has been war and rumors of war on the SANBORN ranch, east of town, for the past few days. Bullet holes in clothes are not fashionable, but Charley HAWLEY is wearing several in his coat. This is how the trouble all came about, as related by eye witnesses:

J.T. BLOOMER, one of the men who has the ranch leased and Dr. KELLOGG, who bought the raisin crop on the said ranch, had some kind of a dispute about settlement. BLOOMER started in to take payment a la fisticuff, when Charles HAWLEY who was working on the ranch, ran up and caught him and held him till KELLOGG had effected a retreat. BLOOMER then tried to get possession of some guns in the house, but they were kept out of his way. He then went to the home of Albert HUSHAW, near by, and borrowed a rifle and went to looking for HAWLEY, who in the meantime had been warned of what was coming and made a rapid flight for Grangeville. He crossed ditches, jumped high picket and wire fences with the skill of a professional acrobat. Arrived in town, he armed himself and returned along the road toward the ranch to warn others whom it was said would be in danger should BLOOMER get sight of them.

In the meantime BLOOMER, imagining that his enemy ws in a room occupied by the men of the ranch, fired 4 shots into the room, perforating several articles of clothing, which hung upon the wall, HAWLEY's coat being on the list. The events above related took place on Friday night, and all night long BLOOMER held the fort and occasionally skirmished a little on the outside. Saturday he was arrested on 2 charges, assault on Dr. KELLOGG and assault to commit murder on Charles HAWLEY. To the first he plead guilty and was fined $20. On the 2nd he gave bonds to appear at the preliminary examination. The whole affair is to be regretted. BLOOMER had always seemed to be a peaceable and upright citizen.

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch
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