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From: robert stacey <>
Subject: [NORCAL] list of alaska shipwrecks from wikipedia ship wreck list
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 02:10:41 -0800

Maybe the one you are looking for is listed here:

Mariposa 1917, off Mariposa Reef, Alaska.
Al-Ki shipwreck of 1917, Alaska.

- *Olga*: a whaling schooner wreck near Nome,
Alaska<,_Alaska>; in
- SS *Coldbrook* (also known as *Colebrook*): a Hog Islander merchant
ship grounded off Middleton Island, Alaska, on 16 June
- USS *Grunion* (SS-216)<>;:
discovered in the Bering Sea <>; in
August 2007.
- *Nissan Maru<>;
*: Japanese armed freighter sunk by U.S. bombers in Kiska
Harbor<>; on
19 June 1942.
- SS *Portland*<>;:
a steam ship struck rock off
Cordova<,_Alaska>; and
sank on 12 November
- *Princess Sophia*<>;:
a passenger liner sunk off Vanderbilt Reef near
Juneau<,_Alaska>; on
25 October 1918.
- *Torrent <>;*: a wooden bark
ship that foundered in storm, went ashore, and became a total loss on 15
July 1868 in Cook Inlet <>;, off
the coast of Alaska
- *Mariposa*: hit a reef on Strait Island, near Pt. Baker (Mariposa Reef)
on 1917-11-18. It struck the reef while carrying 269 passengers and a full
cargo of copper ore and canned salmon. The vessel had previously picked up
the crew from the wrecked
*and the pirates from the wrecked *Manhattan*. All passengers and crew
were rescued before vessel sank by the *CuraƧao*, *Ravalli*, and *
Jefferson*. She went down with 25,000 cases of salmon and 1,200 tons of
copper ore. Reef is now called Mariposa
.[68] <>;
- *Jessie*: on 28 June 1898, at the mouth of the Kuskokwim
River<>; swamped
in turbulent water at the mouth of the river. 18 miners from the Columbia
Exploration Company were believed to have been massacred by
Yup'ik<>; Natives
or lost with wreck. One person, a trader called Ling, survived to bring word
of the wreck to St. Michael. *Jessie* was towing the barge *Minerva* and
a second unknown barge, which were both lost. Yup'ik Eskimos were said to
have looted vessels. Seattle 31 May 1898 Kuskokwim
- *Al-Ki*: a passenger steamer, wrecked on Point Augusta, Alaska, 1
November 1917.[69]<>;
- *Bear*: a passenger steamer, in surf broadside,
- *City of Seattle*: a passenger steamer, was brought ashore in Alaska,
15 August 1912.[69]<>;
- *Farallon*: a passenger steamer, wrecked in the Cook Inlet, Alaska,
- *Jabez Howes*: a three-mast full rigged ship, wrecked in Chignik Bay,
Alaska, n.d. Wooden full-rigged ship owned by the Columbia River Packer's
Association & used as a cannery
- *Mount McKinley*: a passenger steamer, beached near Scotch Cap,
Aleutian Islands,
- *Patterson*: a steam freighter, wrecked and aground at Cape
Fairweather, Alaska,
- *Princess Kathleen*: a passenger steamer, sunk near Point Lena, Alaska,
1952. When she went aground at Point Lena rock, Alaska, the vessel was a
mile and a half off course. She was the flagship of the Canadian Pacific
- *Princess May*: a passenger steamer, wrecked and ashore on Sentinel
Island, bird's-eye view from the island,
- *Politkofsky<>;
*: a sidewheel steamer built by the Russian-American
completed 4,000 miles before being abandoned in St. Michael near the
entrance of the Yukon River <>; in

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