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From: Ronald Colby <>
Subject: Re: [NORCAL] Who Do You Think You Are
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 18:49:30 -0700
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Subject: Re: [NORCAL] Who Do You Think You Are

Hi Chris...long time!

Isn't it amazing how a different set of eyes on a this case a
family line...helps to 'see' some of the errors so much more quickly!
Good for you!

I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel to some of the places my
ancestors stopped before coming further west! In Connecticut I was able
family members. Amazing! It also put into perspective some of the
generations and how easily a father marrying a much younger woman would
have a child with her...the same year (and sometimes the same month) that
his SON and daughter-in-law were having a child as well would be confused!
When long ago genealogists wrote this up as the father of the son being
the father of both of the babies...well...hmmm...just confusing! After
copying pages verbatim...and BEGGING the town recorder to allow me to
actually PHOTOCOPY them...I think we figured out that
problem....but...going back to Ancestry...even though I've contacted some
'cousins' who are still putting on their trees the GOSPEL according to
that long ago INCORRECT information...well it may never be corrected.
Perhaps I'm keeping it from being corrected by NOT publishing my corrected
tree...but then that's my prerogative! I do share my extensive research
WITH photo copies to family members who I'm sharing...just not
with Ancestry!

Glad to hear from you!


> Perrin,
> And on the flip side, I am now working with a family genealogical society
> to
> extend, expand, and in many cases develop family lines.
> I am often excited to see a family tree, and then track it backward thru
> censuses and and whatever data the family genealogical
> society has. I particularly love the family trees that label pictures as
> Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mary -
> But I do know that not everything posted is gold. In fact I ran into a
> tree
> today with what even I know after 3 hours of searching for this family to
> be
> an incorrect father, and other incorrect information, but I've also found
> the initially posted "bogus" tree and am including it into the
> documentation
> for the society, so that we will not see this tree at some future time and
> follow it back down that rabbit hole.
> When I have additional information, I do send it forward to a
> semi-competent
> tree poster. I often start with an obit and work backwards, and some of
> these trees still have the object of my obit as still living at what might
> be 100 plus years - does happen, but not routinely.
> And in a couple of cases, I got additional information by making the
> contact.
> Chris
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> This is why NOTHING I have gets posted on Ancestry. may make
> research more difficult for some...but it's my work and I share it freely
> with family members! Of course I send PAPER copies of what I've done with
> all sources noted.
> On the flip side...I was perusing Ancestry a while back and found some NEW
> folks from one of the lines I'm working on. Unfortunately someone I'd
> shared my research with (a distant family member)had also shared it with
> one of his cousins who had no compulsion to NOT share it on Ancestry. So
> the work I did on this line did get put on Ancestry.
> Was I angry...well only because I thought there was NEW information on the
> line I'm researching...but on the other had he had transcribed it
> correctly. He didn't add any of my notes or sources...but I know it's
> correct. Now on the plus side...I watched and when someone wanted to find
> out more information...I was able to find ANOTHER cousin.
> My biggest gripe with Ancestry is that we submit all of our work
> freely...then it's SOLD to someone else. I don't think that's I
> don't post any of my stuff. Maybe if I got some free Ancestry months or
> something else...I might find it in my heart to post my work there.
> Just my thoughts...
> Perrin
>> Hi Susan,
>> Boy, I can't agree with you more concerning others copying the Ancestry
>> Trees and then calling them their own. Also, there is seldom any sources
>> to even prove the tree. I hadn't even thought about the slogan. Newbies
>> often don't know the rules of research "source and prove." So not only
>> do they take the liberty of others hard work, but often times the
>> information they gather is not even correct.
>> Thanks for opening my eyes to that slogan and how it certainly might
>> open the door even wider to pilfering others' hard work.
>> Yvonne

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