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From: EdrieAnne Broughton <>
Subject: Re: [NORCAL] Who Do You Think You Are
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 19:19:48 -0800
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If I hadn't started sharing my research (and even the stuff I've gleaned) I
would never have contacted a cousin back in Wisconsin that I didn't even
know existed. With her and other cousins in Eau Claire I wouldn't have a
picture of my great grandparents as a young married couple with their three
first children or her parents who were already in California. I'm sure
those pictures existed in our California family but my great grandfather's
third wife got rid of family documents including a will in the three weeks
before she informed my grandfather and his sibs that he had died. And
addition to that, this is one of a couple of routes back to the Mayflower,
Edward Doty in this branch. My third cousin and I have just submitted our
first paperwork. My great great grandmother's death certificate and
obituary furnished the last piece of documentation necessary for a couple of
the Eau Claire Cousins, so they proved it all up to our great great
grandparents. I have two marriage certificates to complete my trip to San Francisco and another to San Jose and I'm done.
My cousin has two also but hers are earlier and one's in Kansas. All in all
this is a piece of cake compared to my husband's line back to Samuel Fuller
and my other line to William Bradford, Myles Standish and John Alden. I
haven't explored what will be needed for those. I'm starting with one at a

When I started out I only had a death certificate for my mother's father...a
name and a date of death and birth. If I hadn't shared what I had, I would
never have found that his father had carved a fancy casket and kept it in
the barn. He was buried in it. I've walked the cemetery where I know he
was buried...there's an empty plot next to his wife's tombstone and I assume
he's there but it seems a shame he didn't carve a fancy tombstone while he
was doing the casket. I've pieced together my NA ancestry and discovered a
Southern folk potter who was reportedly famous for making jugs and pots that
didn't leak. Without contacts I wouldn't have gotten as far as I
have...lots of these folks have documents and pictures because they stayed
put and our family moved, moved and moved again.

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