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From: "hum.linda" <>
Subject: [NORCAL] The Six Rivers Post ~ 1997
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 17:28:03 GMT

A little paper of a few issues.
Article found about the Denny mining area of 01, January 1887. from
notes gather from GROVER LADD'S memories. The story was written by CLEVE
Because of the space limits, I'll write the names, dates, and other
information of this large article. You may write and ask for futher info
, as i have the full edition of the paper in my keep.
2]. GROVER LADD, jr. b: 01, January 1887. @ Hardtack arrastra land
slide. (use of natural locations was normal for early settler's).
3]. To travel to Denny, one had to do it on foot or horse /mule or pack
train. From Wvvlle, 60 miles South and then East.
4]. To travel to Arcata, it was 80 miles West.
5]. To travel North, 18 miles to Cecilville, which connected with the
Salmon River trails.
6]. Snow Depths, normally 6-8 feet drifts, worst snow Winter of 1889-90,
some 40 ft depth, still had 14 ft on the ground 01, April 1890.
7]. GEORGE IRVING, built cabin on the Little Treasure Mine (burned down
by accident, 1 week after completion).
During the 1890 Snow storm , a huge snow slide took out the ashes.
8]. Mr. LARKIN, moved family away from Denny, while crossing the Virgin
Creek, the mule sumbled and fell, Mr. LARKIN, had his baby daughter ,
NELLIE LARKIN, tucked inside his coat at the time, the baby slipped out,
and Father failed to notice and baby was lost in the torrents of water.
9]. Upper New River mines 1882, was made in 1882 by Frank LADD and
10]. Est.Mines, The Hunter mine, The Boomer Mine. The Hardtack Mine, The
Tuffnut mine.
11]. Population explosion occured in 1883, as many as 300 folks a day.
12] Gold term, FLOAT, is surface gold that is panned, F. LADD found in 3
pans $900.

to be continued....this is news in 4 columns.

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