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From: Ms Betty Fredericks <>
Subject: [NORCAL] Resource: Baby-Name books
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 02:53:39 -0800 (PST)

Just wanted to remind researchers of a resource many might not think about:    baby-name books.     I have 4 or 5 of them as I can pick them up in 2nd-hand shops and thrift shops, etc.     I just took out one of mine and see that there are 2 spellings of Harriet,  including Harriott,  and that Hattie might also be a nickname for - Henrietta.     (My father had an Aunt "Etta" because of Henrietta.)      And an alternate spelling is . Hatty  or Hetty.    Isn't there an actress with that name?    And don't forget  Hedda Hopper  (sp?).
I don't see the name, Hassie, in the 2 books I just took off shelf,  but the 2nd one offers first-name from other countries and other cultures.     I just opened it to a page which mentions:   Nasya,  Nata, and don't forget "Nattie" is short for Natalie.
And, I agree with the comment that girls should not be given nicknames or cute names at birth.    They should be given a name which will carry them through to adulthood.     When and if we do finally have a female President of the USA,   she should not be called, for example,   President Candy Striper !      :o)
Betty                 (near Lowell, MA)
(on Lists and Boards for 10 yrs.;   now an Admin for 9 Lists and 3 Boards,
including  CAN-USA-Migration (List and Boards) and the  New-England-Research
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