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From: "hum.linda" <>
Subject: Re: [NORCAL] OTS: Odd items
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 17:20:00 GMT

Hi gang,
Rain it did, 4 inches, since midnight Wed morning,,,
About odd and old things, I have to share a history that I was privy to.
Back in 1990, my husband was a car buff, decided that he wanted to
restore and or build an antique vehicle...So he and a friend spent most
weekends, hitting the hwy(s) literly..well after nearly a year, the
friend fell nto info about several vintage vehicles in storage in the
remote area of Callahan and Etna, CA. ( E. of Wwvvle). They spent
several weekends finding different hulks of vehicles, one place was the
auto graveyard fo the 40's, covered in blackberries and hidden from
observations...much digging found a few hulks that might have been
useable if needed later...onward, leads them to Etna, and what later
turned out to be an absolute historical find...needless to say my hubby
found his dream car, a 1924 Studebaker, touring car....a total basket
case ( milk crates ). Hubby spent a month tryng to find as much of the
auto parts on the farm as possible, much luck was had, as well as an
hands on history lesson. < I'll post again about the history I learned>
Hubby spent 1 years and many hours, happily putting his dream car
together, having put the last piece on it (speedomoter) just the night
before he passed away from Cancer...we hit many a swap meet for odds and
ends, This car went on to win many 1st. places in car shows for him..It
now resides in a museum in Humboldt Co. (end of this part).


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