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Subject: [NORCAL] The Trinity Journal ~ 1887
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 03:47:06 GMT

>From the News Back Then column.

125 yrs. ago.
22, January 1887.

1]. Weather ~ Rainfall past wee measured 3.51 inches, making 4.06 for
January and 17.93 for the season. The storm this week has been an
excellent one, raining in the Valleys and snowing in the mtns. Miners
now have plenty of water and are hopeful of having a good Spring
2]. Mining news~Mr.GEORGE CHAPMAN, of Junction City, has just fitted up
500 ft. of Steel hydraulic pipe, which is the first ever rought to this
country. It is said to be much more servicable than the ordinary Iron
pipe and consequently cheaper in the long run. Mr. CHAPMAN is an
enterprising miner and intends to reap the benefit of every advantage in
his business.
3] Pox outbreak ~ Amoung the large number of our young people who have
been afflicted with the Chicken Pox, an extremely disagreeable disease
during the past week, is our District Attorney, J. W. BARLETT. We know
this young when he was quit young, but though he had passed his

100 yrs. ago.
21, January 1912.

1]. Weather ~ Rainfall this week 3.59 inches, rainfall to date 15,21
inches; to same date last year 22.45 inches.
2]. Visitor ~ Mrs. A. BARNICKEL, was an arrival last Saturday from
Chico, on a visit to her son BEN BARNICKEL.
3]. VIsitor ~ MEINERT J. SHURTLEFF, of Redding arrived Wednesday. He
returned Friday accompanied by his GranMother, Mrs. P. M. PAULSON, who
visited for 6 weeks with her daughter Mrs. D.J. HALL of Redding.
4]. Bills ~ This week we are sending ourt our annual bills to subcribers
and hope that the same will be met with prompt payment, as it takes
money to run a printing office..
5]. Quit business~ MASTERSON & ARMSTRONG, who have been conducting the
Marble Works at Redding and red Bluff, dissolved partnership on 12,
January 1912. Mr. MASTERSON retains the Redding Shops, and business. Mr.
ARMSTRONG will conduct a like business in Red Bluff.
6]Visitor ~ Miss Rachel Dedrick, one of Trinity's poular school marm,
returned Friday from a vacation in San Francisco, where she visited her
sister Mrs. W.B. WILSON.

75 yrs. ago.
21, Janaury 1937.

1]. Weather ~ Another cold snap is keeping the plumber busy again.
Tuesday a bitter cold wind blew all day, and that night, the thermometer
ran down to -10F below. There have ben a few flurries of snow during
the past week, some rain and heavy fog, but sunshine nearly every day.
Rainfall for the week 0.15 inches, rainfall to date 5.29 inches, same to
date last year 25.5, 2 yrs ago 18.89 inches.
2] Trip ~ The Coroner, E.G. CHAPMAN, motored to Reddinng Monday on
business. "Careful driving is necessary " he says, as the hwy ( 299-E)
is very slick.
3]. Weater ~ Big Bar had more snow and blustery days, Monday and
Tuesday. The ground is white again. Unprotected water lines were frozen.
Most of the young people spent the 1st part of the week, making skis and
sleds. They spent the remainder of the week on TINSLEY hill learning to
use their new equipment.

50 yrs. ago.
18, January 1962.

1]. Weather ~ The snow storm of Sunday and MOnday left parts of Trinity
Co. white. Continuous freezing weather even through the day has made
local roads very dangerous. Shaded sections of hwy's shuld always be
approached at much reduced speeds. The RUSH Crk, Trinity Center and
Hayfork roads, all have icy stretches, where lower speeds are advocated.
Rain for the week 0.23 inches;rain to date 12.44 inches; the high was 51
F and the low was 20F, with 15 F on Sunday.
2]. House Fire ~ On 12, Jan. Friday, the home of Mr. & Mrs. FRANK
McDOWELL, of Hyampom, burned to the ground. The cause of the fire was
thought to be a faulty stovepipe. Mrs. McDOWELL, her daughter NANCY and
Mrs. McDOWELL's Mother were in the house when the fire broke out, but
none was injured.
3]. Baby shower ~ A baby shower was given 80, January, for Mrs. ANN
CRANE, Mother of newborn MAY CRANE. Mrs. JANE PROFFITT gave the shower
at her home. The evening was spent playing bingo, opening gifts and
enjoying dessert and coffee.

25 yrs. ago.
15, January 1987.

1] Pictured on pg. 1 of this issue, is a photo of Sheriff Paul SCHMIDT,
swearing in all his deputies and several of his auxiliary officers. They
were gatherd at his office for their 1st staff meeting.
2] Funds ~ The U. S. F. S. announced that Trinity Co. will recieve a 31%
increase in the NAtioal Forest Funds. The total will be $4,700,152.
Schools to recieve $2,350,076. in funds.
3] Homicide~ Underwood Mtn, in Burnt Ranch, where the scene of finding
piecesof a skull and a tooth had been discovered down river, by the
U.S.F.S. . Dr. BOYD STEPHENS, the medical examiner of San Francisco,
Identified the remains as human. It is believed the remains are from a
male of the age 17 to 25 yrs. The case is being handled as a homicide
and futher investigation is continuing.

end ~


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