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From: "Geoff Lowe" <>
Subject: Extract 1891Nfk Census - Salhouse - Part 3 - f96/13 to ff98/18
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 23:21:37 -0000

Replying to those listed in Part 1

Part 3 of the extract contains the following requested surnames:

The requested surnames appear on teh following folios/pages:
96/13 Hall, Lurkins, Woodcock - 96/14 Farman, Lurkins, Tooke - 97/15 Harmer, Middleton, Powley, Shotten?, Thrower - 98/17 Goffin - 98/18 Barnes, Crowe, Fox, Lurkins, Sapey, Ward

1891 Census - RG12/1517 - Salhouse
The original census is in the custody of the Public Record Office

f96 p13
Upper Street - 4 rooms
Robert LURKINS, hd, mar, 78, Licensed Hawker, bn Sprowston
Mary A Lurkins, wf, mar, 73, bn Skeyton

f96 p13
Upper Street - 2 rooms
Robert WOODCOCK, hd, unm, 35, ag.lab, bn Salhouse

f96 p13
Upper Street - 3 rooms
Robetr HALL, hd, mar, 73, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Maria Hall, wf, mar, 59, bn Salhouse
(George Marston a lodger here)

f96 p13
Upper Street - 2 rooms
John HALL, hd, mar, 67, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Susan Hall, wf, mar, 64, bn Wroxham
Robert Hall, son, unm, 23, ag.lab, bn Salhouse

f96 p14
Upper Street - 4 rooms
Joseph FARMAN, hd, mar, 29, Carpenter, bn Salhouse
Sophia Farman, wf, mar, 24, bn Sydestone

f96 p14
Upper Street - 3 rooms
Sophia TOOKE, hd, wid, 67, Living on own means, bn Nth Walsham
(Thomas Wilson a lodger here)

f96 p14
Upper Street - 2 rooms
George LURKINS, hd, mar, 37, ag.lab, bn Woodbastwick
Sarah A Lurkins, wf, mar, 35, an Ahston-under-Lyne, Lancashire
Ebenezer Lurkins, son, 14, ag.lab, bn Woodbastwick
(rest of family bn Salhouse)
George Lurkins, son, 12, ag.lab
Florence Lurkins, dau, 8, scholar
David Lurkins, son, 7, scholar
Alice Lurkins, dau, 4, scholar
Frederick Lurkins, son, 2
Harriet Lurkins, dau, 7 months

f96 p14
Upper Street
James TOOKE, hd, mar, 72, Receiving Parish Allowance, bn Salhouse
Charlotte Tooke, wf, mar, 66, bn Tuttington

f97 p15
Upper Street, Shrublands
Samule THROWER, hd, mar, 32, Farmer, bn Salhosue
Elizabeth Thrower, wf, mar, 34, bn Norwich
(all children bn Salhouse)
Harry P Thrower, son, 7, scholar, (Disability - lame from 2 yrs old)
Alice M Thrower, dau, 5, scholar
Walter J Thrower, son, 4, scholar
Helen M Thrower, dau, 1
Edith HARMER, servant, 15, General Servant, bn Salhouse

f97 p15
Upper Street - 4 rooms
Charles Landimore, hd, mar, 44, ag.lab, bn salhouse
Jane Landimore, wf, mar, 44, bn Surlingham
(rest of family bn Salhouse)
Charles Landimore, son, 8, scholar
Alice Landimore, dau, 5, scholar
Albert Landimore, son, 3
Robert MIDDLETON, stepson, 16, ag.lab
John Landimore, son, 10, scholar

f97 p15
Upper Street - 4 rooms
Robert POWLEY, hd, ar, 89, ag.lab, bn Blofield
Harriet Powley, wf, mar, 56, bn Lt.Plumstead
John Pwoley, son, unm, 29, bn Salhouse
James Powley, son, unm, 22, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Benjamin Powley, son, unm, 18, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Thomas Powley, son, 14, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Herbert Bidwell, grandson, 6, scholar, bn Rackheath

f97 p15
Upper Street, Broad House
Evaline SHOTTEN?*, servant, unm, 19, General Servant, bn Middlessex, London
(*name possibly reads SHORTEN?)

f98 p17
Vicarage Road
John GOFFIN, hd, mar, 53, ag.lab, bn Salhouse
Mary A Goffin, wf, mar, 48, bn Rackheath
Ernest Hill, stepson, unm, 21, shoemaker, bn Chatham, Kent
(rest of children bn Salhouse)
Geogre Goffin, son, unm, 20, ag.lab
Arthur Goffin, son, unm, 18, ag.lab
Frederick Goffin, son, 14, ag.lab
Catherine Goffin, dau, 11, scholar
Ada Goffin, dau, 8, scholar
Rosa Goffin, dau, 7, scholar

f98 p18
Bear's Grove Road - 3 rooms
George BARNES, hd, mar, 62, ag.lab, bn Easham
Eliza Barnes, wf, mar, 62, bn Swaffham
Edward G Barnes, son, unm, 22, Carpenter, bn Earsham
(Easham and Earsham are spelt differently, not a mistake)

f98 p18
Bear's Grive Road
Gertrude M FOX, visitor, 11, scholar, bn Saint Faiths
(visiting Thomas Curtis)

f98 p18
Bear's Grove Road
Robetr G LURKINS, hd, mar, 38, ag.lab, bn salhouse
Harriet Lurkins, wf, mar, 38, bn Coltishall
(rest of family bn Salhouse)
Rosa Lurkins, dau, 10, scholar
David Lurkins, son, 7, scholar
Arthur Lurkins, son, 4, scholar
John Lurkins, son, 3
Harriet Lurkins, dau, 1

f98 p18
Bear's Grove Road
Robert SAPEY, hd, mar, 44, Gardener, bn Hockering
Mary E Sapey, wf, mar, 46, bn Lt Plumstead
Alfred W Sapey, son, 11, scholar, bn Sth.Heigham
Arthur Sapey, son, 9, scholar, bn Sth. Heigham
Katherine (.?) Sapey, dau, 8, scholar, bn Sth. Heigham
William F Sapey, son, 6, scholar, bn Sth. Heigham
Laura J Sapey, dau, 6 months, bn Froncett St.Peter
Mary Ann CROWE, mother-in-law, wid, 80, bn Blofield

f98 p18
Norwich Road - 3 rooms
William WARD, hd, mar, 55, farm bailiff, bn Trumpshaw
Sarah Ann Ward, wf, mar, 55, bn Docking

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

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