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From: Lisa Webber <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 17:24:53 +1200

For your SNOWLING query.

My Kiwi son, exploring with his Norfolk aunt last Xmas, came across a
building in Somerleyton used in the brickmaking industry. A local person
told them that bricks made there were used to build St Pancras railway
Station in London... perhaps you could look towards London for your
Snowlings, for maybe Norfolk men went with the bricks.

Likewise men from Hindringham,Gt Snoring, Colkirk, Whissonsett etc. went
off to London in the 1890's to help build the Underground system...check
the Warner family in Hindringham.

I am still intrigued at the number of Norfolk men who went up to Yorkshire,
Durham and Newcastle to work... you count the number of children living in
Norfolk on 1881C.that were born"up North".Very few went to the Black
Country or Lancashire. It is interesting to speculate on the network that
encouraged them to go north... the "coal" theory put forward recently is
worth serious contemplation.I wonder what they thought of the mines after
the wide open spaces of Norfolk....but money doesnt, and never did, grow on

Lisa Webber.

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