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From: Ray and Lynne Vickson <>
Subject: Church Tunnels
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 04:38:25 -0500

I am happy to see this topic raised. It has always
been said that my ancestor's home in Norwich had a
tunnel that lead directly to St. Peter Mancroft.
We were told the house had once been used to house
the parish priests. They used the tunnel to move
from house (priory?) to church. Perhaps at the time
of the reformation the tunnel was used as an escape

In any event, by the time the house came into my family
about the turn of the last century, it was used as
a lodging house for travelling actors and artistes.
I believe the tunnel was probably bulldozed when
rebuilding the district.

Does anyone know more about this?

Lynne Vickson
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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