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Subject: Re: Church Tunnels
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 23:46:48 -0000
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I was interested to read the discussion on Church tunnels. It
reminded me of a tunnel in North Elmham. The story, as I remember it
from the 1940's, said the tunnel ran from the ruins of the demolished
Cathedral in the grounds of North Elmham Church to Walsingham Abbey.
I, with a couple of young friends, investigated the tunnel but it
collapsed after we had travelled a short distance. We were lucky to
escape with minor cuts and the tunnel was then sealed off. Does
anyone know any more about this tunnel ?

Good wishes, Janet.
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Sent: 03 February 2001 16:23
Subject: Re: Church Tunnels

> It seems these tunnels are fairly widespread, not only here in
Norfolk but
> the rest of the country.
> Does anyone know if any of these tunnels have been officially dated,
so that
> their original use can be verified, as obviously alternative uses
would be
> found for them at a later date, but it would be helpful to know of
> original purpose.
> If anyone knows of the existence of tunnels in their area, and even
> any source of dating or archaelogical research into their origin, I
> love to hear of it, offlist if you prefer.
> This subject intrigues me, and I would love to know more about these
> tunnels.
> Angie

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