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From: Mark Howells <>
Subject: Some Patience Please
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 09:40:22 -0800

Hi all -

I feel compelled to address the comments being made about the 1901
Census site by various nattering nabobs of negativity.

I would remind everyone what happened when FamilySearch,
ScotsOrigins, and the Ellis Island web sites came
online. Overwhelming demand in the first few weeks of these
data-rich sites being "up" meant that they were cursed by the own

We are going to have to be patient and accepting of
less-than-stellar response times and bits that malfunction due to
insanely large user loads.

We've been blessed with a marvelous tool for Internet-based
genealogical research. When we all stop behaving like children in
a candy shop, user demand for the site will come back to "normal"
loads and the 1901 Census site will become the useful tool we all
expect it to be.

May I suggest that the silver lining to this cloud is that at least
you're not required to pay in Euros for the service.

Cheers - Mark

Mark Howells
Norfolk-L Genealogy Mailing List Owner

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