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From: "djlayman" <>
Subject: Re: 2002: Time for some patience, kindness and teaching
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 20:26:27 -0800
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Thanks! Great message!

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Subject: 2002: Time for some patience, kindness and teaching

> Hi all -
> My better half sends this out every year after New Years. Some
> good food for thought here. It proves she was born of a saintly
> mother while I was found under a rock in a cold mountain stream in
> Oregon.
> Cheers - Mark
> ==========================
> Hello all -
> Happy new year!
> Each January we see a huge influx of newbies joining us online
> because Santa was generous and left a sparkling new computer under
> the tree. There are also many after-holidays sales which offer
> people the opportunity to purchase a snazzy new computer or modem.
> Many people get online for the first time and enthusiastically don
> their cyber-bikinis, hitting the surf with gusto. They are excited
> to be here and they are (much as we "oldbies" were) rightfully
> overwhelmed by all that there is to see and do. The language here
> is foreign to them. The technology is newer, fancier and zippier
> than they may have used in the past. And the way that we all
> participate in our giant, online genealogical society, while being
> very similar to offline groups, is still a bit different than they
> may be prepared for. In other words, it is a brave new world to them.
> I would like to put out a call to each of you to show these newbies
> that we are a friendly, welcoming and helpful group of online
> genealogists. To do so we all need to pitch in and show patience,
> understanding and kindness. We also need to put on our teaching
> caps and be prepared to show them the ropes.
> 1. Don't make assumptions.
> 2. Explain things in detail, include URLs and complete
> instructions.
> 3. Verify details and addresses before you send them
> to people.
> 4. Offer to help people privately via e-mail, off of the
> mailing lists.
> 5. Be prepared to explain things more than once, in more
> than one way.
> 6. Keep in mind that we were all new at one time.
> 7. Keep in mind that we all learn something new every day.
> 8. Reach out to your fellow researchers and set a good
> example.
> There are several places online to which you can point newbies in
> order to help them learn about this new research venue. I have
> tried to make these easy to locate by setting up links on my site:
> Internet Stuff You Need To Know
> Beginners (to genealogy)
> Also be sure to point them to these basic starting places online:
> Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
> Your genealogical research portal onto the Internet
> RootsWeb
> See the RootsWeb Help Desk:
> FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
> Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Mailing Lists
> Complete list of all genealogy mailing lists online
> Good luck and successful surfing to everyone online - both newbies
> and oldbies,
> Cyndi
> P.S. Please feel free to forward this to everyone!

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