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From: "Kevin Bean" <>
Subject: RE: [SoG-NEWS] Announcement from PRO re: 1901 census
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 16:07:49 -0000
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'Text-only' means removing some of the graphics, and frames, from the
web site, this will improve access speed. The news web sites (BBC etc)
did the same on Sept 11.


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Subject: Re: [SoG-NEWS] Announcement from PRO re: 1901 census



You mention a text-only site. Does this mean that you will not be
producing copies of the original hand-written records? If so, as others
have mentioned, the data could go onto a relatively few CDs. Is there
any intention of doing this, like the Mormons did with the 1881 census.
I'm sure many people would buy them, and the PRO would not only get the
revenue, but it would also reduce the number of people trying to access
the site.

David Leverington

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