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From: "Stan Langley" <>
Subject: 1901 Census Fiche Availabilty
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 13:25:39 -0000

I have enquired of the Norfolk Library Service what arrangements are in hand
for provision of 1901 census fiche - I am particularly interested in the
level of provision in West Norfolk. I was informed the person able to answer
this question was currently off sick - I do so hope he gets better soon! I
had previously checked to the website mentioned on the list to find no
mention of Norfolk therein.

In the meantime a friend of mine contacted the PRO with a similar enquiry
and has received the following reply:

> "Dear Mr Freeman
> Thank you for contacting the 1901 Census Team.
> The list of fiche/film holders is available at: >
> This list is compiled from those organisations who have purchased copies,
but it is often being updated. I have been >unable to quickly see a Norfolk
> The Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, Norfolk Heritage Centre
website states that they hold the Norfolk area
> censuses for the earlier years. I suggest you contact them to see if they
do have 1901 or have plans to do so. Tel: 01603 774774
> Ian Strawbridge
> 1901 Census Communication Team"

Does any Norfolk resident lister know - if not will they please e-mail the
Library Service and ask. I think some pressure needs to be applied.

Stan Langley - West Norfolk

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