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From: "Ann McClean" <>
Subject: Re: Questions to ask?? - Try these
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:45:17 -0000
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I got this from another mailing list:

Memories of:

First days at school/teachers
Secondary school
Schoolyard games, e.g. marbles, swap cards, knuckles, hop scotch, skippy,
Going to church
Going on holidays and their locations
Visiting the cemetery
First job, hours per week, pay, conditions
Family pets
Experiences with death
" " birth
Family weddings
First falling in love
Dating customs
The Depression
The War Years
Family superstitions
Family predjudices/racism
Father's employment
Father out of work/working away from home
Mother's employment
Mother's favourite occupations in the home
Family friends
First house and neighbourhood
My bedroom/kitchen/neighbourhood
Family garden/fruit trees/vegie patch
Best friend
Entertainment, e.g. dances, footy, movies
Household smells
Main Street in town
Transport, e.g. horse & cart, car, trams, trains, etc
Household deliveries, e.g. baker, iceman, rent collector, groacer, butcher
Old photographs
Stories my mother used to tell
" " father " " "
Your Grandparents/Great Grandparents
Radio programs/tv programs
Books I used to read/books read to me
Family games we used to play
Family and personal hobbies
Family outings, e.g picnics, sea bathing, concerts, theatre, school
Household chores - who did what?
Family routines and rituals
Music we played or listened to
Family doctor/dentist
Hospital - as a patient or a visitor
Newspapers, comics, magazines we read
Police force and law enforcement
Voting and family politics
Crimes - by others or family members
Pubs, 6 0'clock closing, temperance attitudes
Childhood diseases, e.g. polio, diptheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis,
Natural disasters, e.g. bushfires, floods, storms, etc
Local and city shows, e. g. Melbourne Show
Local and state footy teams barracked for
The Olympic Games
Moving house/town/school
Migrants coming to the community
Family Skeletons/gossip
"Strange relations- where did they fit in, and whose were they?
Wealthy relations
Things that were never talked about.

Hope these help.

Regards, Ann McClean
in Llanmerewig, Mid-Wales, U.K.

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Subject: Questions to ask??

> In a couple of weeks I shall be going to visit my oldest living
relative -a
> Grand Aunt in her 80's.
> I don't wish to come away from the visit and realise a couple of days
> than there was a question I should have asked.
> Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if I could tap into the
> wisdom and experience of all Listers in 'compiling' questions and/or
> Apart from the obvious regarding dates of birth, marriage and death, names
> of relatives, etc what other things should I be considering in order to
> the best out of this visit.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Steven Reeve, Norfolk, England
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> Researching in the UK for: -
> CAPON bfr 1916 - today (Essex)
> LITCHFIELD 1880 - 1915 (Tottenham, Middlesex)
> LITCHFIELD bfr 1970 - c1975 (Northampton)
> PARKER 1880 - ? (Tottenham, Middlesex)
> PERRIN (Essex & Nottingham(?))
> REEVE ? - bfr 1906 (Norfolk)
> REEVE c1906 - c1950 (Edmonton, Middlesex)
> WOOD c1865 - bfr 1906 (Carshalton, Surrey)
> WOOD c1838 - bfr 1881 (Nettlebed, Oxfordshire)
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