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From: "Farne Hunt" <>
Subject: Rewarding Genealogy
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 16:49:52 +1000

I at the latter part of last year decided to have a look at my partner's side of the family. I had very sketchy information but had her father's name and his date of birth in 1907 in Holland. Before her mother died in UK I had asked her for details of the family but working across the World from Australia to UK the details I got were very sparse. For this Dutch name I searched Google and came up with a surname list. I simply asked for any connections...
Would you believe after 6 weeks I got a reply, not from a genealogist but from a half brother of my partner.
Due to religious beliefs and the mothers age the couple were not allowed to marry, and this half brother, who was born in 1936 was brought up by his grandparents thinking his mother was his eldest sister. At 16 he was told the truth about his mother but his father was not revealed.
On his 65th birthday his mother at 81, finally told him who his father was and he began to search and low and behold I had that message on the surname list.
My partners family had no idea that this had happened until the gentleman came out with the story and proof.
As you can imagine this half brother was over the Moon to have got in touch so easily and to find his father had one of the highest Dutch military awards for action in the WW2 and a whole new family in UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Unfortunately my partner is in the latter stages of a very aggressive dementia and cannot understand but she would have been so thrilled.
As you can see from the above, even today there are secrets kept by living people because in their day the action was seen as sinful where today it is a normal part of life which for us family historians makes starting out difficult.

Farne Hunt

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