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From: "Ken and Lisa Young" <>
Subject: RE: New Subscriber - Researching Summers, Taylor, Loome, Sexton, Hardingham
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 07:34:19 +1000
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Hello Rosemary,

My mother's maiden name is Hardingham. Her father's name was Hector
Hardingham (1908-1979). Hector was one of six children of Robert Hardingham
and Ellen (might be Sheen??). I have not got much further than this (I have
only been doing this kind of thing for 3 weeks...:-)). I do not have date
of birth's for Hector's parents. Hector's siblings were as follows:

Clara Hardingham - married Frank Wilfred Earnest Ninham
Nellie Hardingham
George Hardingham
Robert Hardingham
Victor Hardingham (went to America)

I have had a bit of a look at the website you recommended but no luck so
far, I will have a better look tonight though! Any further guidance or
assistance you or anyone else can offer would be much appreciated!

Lisa Young

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From: Rosemary Maddy [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 5:26 AM
Subject: RE: New Subscriber - Researching Summers, Taylor, Loome,
Sexton, Hardingham

Hi Lisa,

I have HARDINGHAM in family tree and would love to know who/where your

My HARDINGHAM's are in Scarning, E Dereham and Costessey, Norfolk.

If you have not already come across Geoff and Andrew's, Norfolk
Transcription Archive
you may like to take a look because there are a few Hardingham's listed

Best wishes,


Rosemary Maddy


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From: Ken and Lisa Young [mailto:]
Sent: 20 January 2002 21:51
Subject: FW: New Subscriber - Researching Summers, Taylor, Loome,
Sexton, Hardingham

Hi, new to this list and genealogy so bear with me please... I am
researching the following names in Norolk, UK, my line info so far for
Summers and Taylor is shown below. If anyone has any links or information
on these or is researching the Loome, Sexton, Hardingham surnames and would
to exchange info please contact me.

Lisa Young (nee Summers


Martin Summers 1741 married Anne Macum 11th Oct 1763 St Andrews Tottington
and had the following children

Martin 1763
Abigail 1766
Sarah 1768
William 1772
Anne 1774
Elizabeth ??

William Summers 1772 married Mary Ann Sussams and had the following

William 1806
Ann 1809
Charlotte 1810
Elizabeth 1812
Martin 1816

Martin Summers 1816 married Mary Ann Weston in 1843 and had the following

William 1843
Ezekial 1846
Charlotte 1848
Elizabeth 1850
Sarah 1852
Emma 1856
Anny 1858
Martin 1860

Ezekial Summers 1846 married Jane Coles at Caston in 1870 and had the
following children:

William 1870 emmigrated to America
George 1872 emmigrated to America
Alfred 1875
Arthur 1877
Maurice 1880 emmigrated to America
Martin 1882 emmigrated to America
Annie 1884

Alfred Summers 1875 married Harriet and had the following children:

Arthur 1902
Stanley 1904
Ralph 1908
Olive 1912
Vera 1914
Ivy 1920

Ralph Summers 1908 was my grandfather!


James Taylor married Elizabeth (1700's...?) they had a son called James
Taylor 1740 in Hindolveston, Norwich.
James Taylor 1740 married Hannah Scott 1740 and had a son called James
Taylor 1768
James Taylor 1768 married Elizabeth Cooke and had a son called John Taylor
1795 in Hindolveston again
John Taylor 1795 married Mary Williamson 1796 and had a son called James
Taylor 1823, Hindolveston again
James Taylor 1823 married Mary Ann Bacon 1823 and one of their children was
called Thomas Bacon Taylor 1850 (I have otgher children for this union)
Thomas Bacon Taylor 1850 married Frances Howlett Yaxham 1850 and they had a
daughter Gertrude Ethel Howlett Taylor 1878
Gertrude married Wilfred Sexton who had a daughter Grace Kate Sexton

Grace Sexton was my grandmother!

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