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From: "Nut head" <>
Subject: Re: 19th Century Handwriting
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:26:04 -0500

Hi Dave:

What is the website address for this.

From: David Tennant <>
Subject: 19th Century Handwriting
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:38:36 -0500

Re Martins comments on handwriting, the S and N sample page of the 1891
London Census is almost a primer for anyone wanting a good intro to 19th
century handwriting. Paddington looks like Taddington, the capital Bs look
like J something the L in London looks almost like an S and so on. I was
always told that the Victorians all had immaculate copperplate handwriting.
I suppose some one in the future will have to dicipher a census page where
the enumerator used the late 60s in vogue italic script, visulise minimum
written in italics! Dave

Martin Reeve wrote:

> Hello List,
> Looking at a copy of the original 1851 Census and trying to decipher the
> handwriting of the census enumerator

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