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From: "Su Baccino" <>
Subject: Re: East Dereham - Osmond - Baker
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 08:30:52 -0000
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Hello Gay and Mick
Well I haven't been doing this very long either but on the 1851 Census the
only Mary Anns that I can find born in East Dereham around that date are
Mary Ann LARK Mary Ann CHABERLAIN, Mary Ann RYE. Details below. I am also
giving you the two BAKER families that are listed for that area, one
includes a Sarah Ann - but no Mary Ann.

Head: RYE, William Neighbors 194499
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
William RYE Head M 22 M Ag Lab Wendling-Nfk
Ann RYE Wife M 34 F --- Brisley-Nfk
John RYE Son - 6 M Scholar East Dereham-Nfk
William RYE Son - 5 M Scholar East Dereham-Nfk
Mary Ann RYE Daur - 3 F --- East Dereham-Nfk
Mary RYE Sis U 34 F --- Wendling-Nfk
Address: East Church St, Guiltcross
Census Place: Kenninghall Guiltcross, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1822 Folio: 401 Page: 24 FHL Film: 0207476

Head: CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. Neighbors 208460
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Wm. CHAMBERLAIN Head M 37 M Assistant (Gl Shop) Kempstone-Nfk
Emma CHAMBERLAIN Wife M 29 F --- Marlingford-Nfk
Emma CHAMBERLAIN Daur - 6 F --- East Dereham-Nfk
Mary Ann CHAMBERLAIN Daur - 3 F --- East Dereham-Nfk
Thos. Wm. CHAMBERLAIN Son - 1 M --- Marlingford-Nfk
Sarah FROST Serv U 17 F Serv Wells-Nfk
Address: Buttlands, Walsingham Union
Census Place: Wells Next Sea Walsingham Union, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1826 Folio: 711 Page: 44 FHL Film: 0207481

Head: LARK, John Neighbors 200794
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John LARK Head M 53 M Beerhouse Keeper Mattishall-Nfk
Mary Ann LARK Wife M 48 F --- Holme Hale-Nfk
John LARK Son U 19 M Painter & Glazier East Dereham-Nfk
Thomas LARK Son - 14 M Scholar East Dereham-Nfk
Mary Ann LARK Daur - 7 F Scholar East Dereham-Nfk
Address: Toftwood Millwrights Arms Inn, Mitford
Census Place: East Dereham Mitford, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1825 Folio: 114 Page: 18 FHL Film: 0207479

Head: BAILEY, William Neighbors 203348
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
William BAILEY Head M 59 M Sheppard Burnham Sutton-Norfolk
Anna BAILEY Wife M 59 F --- North Elmham-Norfolk
Thomas BAILEY Fath W 87 M Annuitant South Creak-Norfolk
Sarah Ann BAKER GDau - 7 F Scholar East Dereham-Norfolk
Address: Street, Mitford
Census Place: North Elmham Mitford, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1825 Folio: 538 Page: 18 FHL Film: 0207479

Head: BAKER, John Neighbors 179095
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John BAKER Head M 43 M Coachman East Dereham-NFK
Elizth. BAKER Wife M 38 F Wife Norwich-NFK
Hannah BAKER Daur - 13 F Scholar Norwich-NFK
John BAKER Son - 11 M Scholar Shotesham-NFK
George BAKER Son - 10 M Scholar Shotesham-NFK
William BAKER Son - 8 M Scholar Shotesham-NFK
Eliza BAKER Daur - 7 F Scholar Shotesham-NFK
Charles BAKER Son - 4 M --- Shotesham-NFK
Ellen BAKER Daur - 2 F --- Shotesham-NFK
Louis BAKER Son - 3 M --- Shotesham-NFK
Address: Clay Street, Henstead
Census Place: Shotesham St Mary Henstead, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1818 Folio: 238 Page: 9 FHL Film: 0207471

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Subject: East Dereham - Osmond - Baker

> I am brand new to this list so please forgive me.. I know nothing about
> area.
> I am researching a Mary Ann Osmond...(M) this could be her married
> name.... her maiden name could be Baker.
> She shows up in the 1881 census living in 15 High St, St Giles in Fields,
> London, Middlesex, England.
> She states her birth place is East Dereham, Norfolk, England and that she
> is 38 years of age
> Also on the census is Jessie Robinson (U) 18 years birthplace London,
> Middlesex
> and Blanche Osmond... our ancestor age 8 birth place London, Middlesex.
> We have been trying to track down Blanche... she is very elusive...
> She shows up in Western Australia, in the 1893 with a new baby... in
> Australia she is known as Blanche Kate Annie Osmond.
> On the baby's birth certificate it states father JA Shaw, mother Blanche
> Osmond and the baby is named Ruby Beatrice Osmond.
> This is an illegitimate birth.
> Blanche then fosters the baby until she can look after her (around 8
> of age) and then reclaims her and takes her daughter to the Goldfields
> Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.
> She re -names her daughter Maude Alice Osmond.
> Any help or suggestions to track down our elusive Osmonds/Baker family
> will be appreciated.
> Gay and Mick O'Neill
> Western Australia

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